February 23, 2015

Twist on Tradition: Reinventing Traditional Pieces

Karen Cooper

Recently, I helped move my mother from the home we grew up in to a smaller home. In the downsizing, she offered me some of her furniture; however, the traditional style didn’t really mesh with my more modern, eclectic home. Once I got back home, I did some research. Here are some great examples of “twists” on tradition: how to reinvent traditional pieces into more modern, fun furniture.

painting dining chairs from A Beautiful Mess - reinventing traditional pieces - Mohawk Homescapes


I had the hardest time finding the perfect dining room chairs for our home. Often, thrift stores and flea markets will have one or two traditional chairs, but not a whole set. Taking different traditional chairs and painting them all one, bright color is a perfect solution. Traditional-style chairs become unified and more modern with just a coat of paint.

painted china cabinet from Sawdust and Embryos - reinventing traditional pieces - Mohawk Homescapes


I see big china cabinets or buffets all the time at thrift stores. They are usually dark wood, French country or other traditional style – not my style. I love what Sawdust and Embryos did with this buffet and hutch to turn it into a modern china cabinet! A little paint can result in a big transformation.

Have an old chair that isn’t your style? Try reupholstering it!

how to reupholster a chair from BHG - reinventing traditional pieces - Mohawk Homescapes


There are lots of reupholstering tutorials online, and many don’t require sewing. A staple gun is all you need. Choose more modern fabric for the upholstery and a bright color of paint to turn traditional into funky modern.

reupholstered and painted chair from Two Thirty-Five Designs - reinventing traditional pieces - Mohawk Homescapes


Have an old mirror? Turn it into a chalkboard:

White Cafe Chalkboard by You Are Talking Too Much - reinventing traditional pieces - Mohawk Homescapes

Whether you have traditional pieces that need updating or you find some at your favorite thrift store or flea market, I hope these examples inspire you to reinvent those pieces! Do you have a piece you’d like to redo? Please share in the comments!

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