June 11, 2013

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Alyssa Cole

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

I’ve never had an issue finding dad’s sweet spot when it comes to the perfect Father’s Day gift.  The man is always in the process of restoring a vintage muscle car or another, and he delights in gifts that justify his need for speed. So needless to say, dad has been crossed off my list for weeks. Spoiler Alert: He’s getting V8 Motor Mounts this year and I have no doubt he’ll love them (plus, they’re kind of important since they hold the engine in place). Nailed it!

My husband on the other hand, he’s always been a problem.  For starters, he has everything! And, if he’s going to love something (aside from the pups and I) chances are it falls within the following five categories:  high-tech gadgets, high-end watches, FSU football, Star Wars LEGOs and Brooks Brothers…none of which he’s getting this year.

Instead, this Sunday morning he’ll be ‘unwrapping’ the gift that keeps on giving (for me, anyways). That perfect thing that is uniquely him and will ensure that his gadgets and sports memorabilia stay out of sight…his very own Man Cave!

Mohawk Homescapes - Man Cave - football print - Father's Day
Custom framed print of Doak Campbell Stadium

In actuality, what hubby is getting this Father’s Day morning is a custom framed 31 in. x 37 in. print of Doak Campbell Stadium already hung in its intended room, along with a super crafty home-made tool box themed coupon book –thanks Kiki and Company and iheartnaptime for the tutorial — informing him that the bedroom across from his office is now all his. His very own private retreat for all his X-box playing, comic book reading, LEGO model building, rock music blaring shenanigans.  Sure, he already has the office, but being that it’s a functional space set up for work, it’s not very conducive to play. With his own man cave, he’ll have his very own place to unwind.

Knowing him, I know he’ll want a say in the look of his cave; so right now that room is a blank canvas. However, I’m ready with tons of doable small-room Man Cave inspiration to fit any and all of the sides of his personality that make the whole:

Old School

Mohawk Homecapes - Man Cave decor - design mood board - masculine inspiration
Moodboard by Marilyn Russell of Design Magnifique Inc. Source: Olioboard Blog

Dark, Moody, Modern

Man Cave decor, dark walls, rich leather, Father's Day gift
Design by Dawna Jones Design. Source: Houzz.com

Rough & Tumble

Pool table, Man Cave decor, Father's Day gifts, inspiration, rustic decor
A perfect addition to any rustic cave. Source: thehousedesigners.com


shelving, library, man den, man cave decor, Father's Day gift, masculine decore
A library with room to grow. Source: Artofmanliness.com

Sports Junkie

Sports decor, Man Cave, Father's Day gift, masculine design,
Design by Designing Solutions. Source: Houzz.com


Man Den, Man Cave, masculine design, Father's Day gift, sophisticated, dark walls
By D.C. designer Shawn Evans. Source: Washington Post


Hubby just has too much stuff to confine him only to his office. Otherwise, I would lean toward a Man Cave Home Office design that combines his professional and playful sides into one

Home Office, masculine design, Father's Day gift, man cave decor
Design by by Kyle Schuneman. Source: Houzz.com

Are you currently working on or planning a man cave. What’s your inspiration?

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