November 11, 2016

Thank You to Our Veterans

Heidi Milton

Today is Veterans Day, and Americans take that opportunity to thank our men and women who serve in the Armed Forces.  Squeezed in between Halloween and Thanksgiving, it’s easy to overlook this special day.  But a little time, effort, and appreciation go a long way towards making our veterans feel appreciated.  If you need a little inspiration you have come to the right place!

Find a way to say “thank you.” 

Many businesses offer discounts or freebies to honor veterans on November 11, but individuals can say thank you, too!  As you go about your daily routine keep an eye out for someone wearing Armed Forces gear or insignia.  Then simply say: “thank you for your service.”

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If you personally know a veteran or have a connection with an organization that supports veterans, write a personal thank you note or prayer that can be shared.  Just imagine the joy that personal touch will bring to someone who has served his or her country.

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Mark the day with some simple decorations. 

It’s easy to pop in some red, white, and blue with some inexpensive flags from the discount store.  Make sure you’re flying your own flag outside your home, too.

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If you’re feeling really creative, break out the red, white, and blue paint and make some decorations!  The beauty of patriotic decor is that you will have other occasions during the year to deck out your home.

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Plan an activity or two with the kids to celebrate.  

Kids love to participate in special days so get them involved in an activity or two.  Participation cultivates gratitude and respect towards those who serve in their little hearts.  Find things you can do together, such as an arts and crafts project like this paper ring flag, a word search, or reading a book about Veterans Day.

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Round out the day with some patriotic “eats.” 

Make enough to share with your local veterans association or drop some by the nearest VA Hospital.  The camouflage is a fun variation on the traditional red, white, and blue, don’t you think?

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Some companies set aside Veteran’s Day as a day of volunteer service for their employees.  However you choose to mark the day, remember those who have — and currently do – put themselves in harm’s way to preserve and protect our freedoms.  So dig out your red, white, and blue and get set to honor the service of our Armed Forces.

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