April 25, 2016

Inspiration for your Porch Planters

Heidi Milton

I’m waiting for the pollen to die down here in Atlanta so I can get my front porch ready for the season, but I’ve been busy collecting inspiration in the meantime.  One of my favorite parts of outdoor decor is putting together container gardens.   Today I’ll be sharing some inspiring porch planters with you along with a few things to consider while planning your own.

Think about the ratio of sun/shade your porch receives.  My front porch is covered and stays quite shady until late afternoon when the sun (and heat) will beat up the area around my front door.  So the planters I put in that area will have plants that can tolerate some sun.  Maybe you’re working with dappled sunshine or full shade;  observe your porch to see when it’s sunny and when it’s shady and plan your plantings accordingly.


Porch Planters | Heidi Milton | Dreaming Gardens | Mohawk HomescapesDreaming Gardens


Porch Planters | Heidi Milton | Heidamen | Mohawk Homescapessource


Porch Planters | Heidi Milton | All Posters | Mohawk Homescapessource


How often will you water them? Be honest now!  The tricky thing for me is that we don’t come and go through our front door/porch very often.  So unless we’re using it frequently, I will forget to water the plants out there — just keeping it real!  I have best success with using a moisture rich potting soil and leaving myself reminders to water regularly.  Also remember that terra cotta and other clay and ceramic pots will dry out faster than poly or plastic containers.


Porch Planters | Heidi Milton | HGTV | Mohawk Homescapes



Porch Planters | Heidi Milton | BHG | Mohawk Homescapes



How much color do you want?  This is where you just get to have fun… do you want explosions of color or just a lot of cool greens?  All one color for big impact and simplicity or a variety of colors for liveliness? Spend a little time browsing your local nursery before you buy so you can think through the look you want.


Porch Planters | Heidi Milton | Southern Living | Mohawk Homescapes

Southern Living


Porch Planters | Heidi Milton | HGTV Gardens | Mohawk Homescapes



Porch Planters | Heidi Milton | BHG | Mohawk Homescapes



Keep track of how well different plants or plant combinations do from year to year.  I make a note at the end of each season and pop it into my calendar so I’ll remember if the marigolds (or ferns or creeping jenny) thrived or died.  Be sure to note if the season was unusually hot or rainy and gray.  Taking photos on your phone is also a great way to remind yourself of favorite combinations.


Porch Planters | Heidi Milton | Stoke Glory | Mohawk Homescapes



Porch Planters | Heidi Milton | HGTV | Mohawk HomescapesHGTV


Plan ahead.  Plants can be expensive so do your homework ahead of time.  Research annuals and plants that thrive in your area along with sun and soil requirements.  And decide on the look you want, how many containers you want to plant, and what will go in each.  Taking the time to plan will always pay off.

Don’t forget to finish the look of your porch with a pretty Mohawk door mat, too.


Porch Planters | Heidi Milton | Kohls | Mohawk Homescapes

Mohawk Home Iconic Chevron Coir Door mat


I shared inspiration for my own porch in this post this week on Decor & More.  And you can always find home decor and DIY ideas there as well.  For more porch and patio ideas, check out my board on Pinterest.


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