June 19, 2014

Ooh La La: The Parisian Bath

Karen Cooper


When I think of Paris style, I think of elegance.

Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Cynthia Ragona-Mohawk Homescapes
Source: Cynthia G. Ragona
Notre-Dame - Parisian-style - Cynthia Ragona - Mohawk Homescapes
Source: Cynthia G. Ragona

That elegance can take two forms: an elegant simplicity, like in this bath:

Parisian-bath-simple - Mohawk Homescapes

Or elegant glamour, like in this one:

Parisian-tub-bath - Mohawk Homescapes

So how can you create a Parisian retreat in your own bath?

A clawfoot tub is classic Parisian style. Whether simply finished in all white, or with an accent color on the outside, these tubs representĀ Paris to me.

turquoise-bath - Parisian-bath - Mohawk Homescapes
Source: Pinterest

Add a bathmat with a floral or trellis pattern in a rich color for an elegant look:

scrollwork-bath-rug - Mohawk Homescapes
Mohawk Home’s Scroll in Eggplant

A new tub not in your budget? Add Parisian accessories. To me, that means black and white porcelain:

accessories-Parisian-bath - Mohawk Homescapes

These light fixtures remind me of Paris street lights:

light-fixture - Parisian-bath - Mohawk Homescapes

black-and-white-Parisian-bath - Mohawk Homescapes

Glass jars with pretty soaps also add a Parisian touch:

glass-jar - Parisian-bath - Mohawk Homescapes


And it wouldn’t be Parisian without some bling!

glam-Parisian-style-bathroom- Mohawk Homescapes

Gold and glass accents add that Parisian glam.

Do you want a bitĀ of Paris in your bath? What would you add?

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