December 23, 2014

New Christmas Traditions

Karen Cooper

This is our first Christmas in the new-to-us house, so we’re thinking about new Christmas traditions here.

Christmas tree front view - Mohawk Homescapes

For one thing, now we have a formal living room and family room to decorate. So, while the tree is in the family room, I got to add some personal favorite Christmas touches to our living room.

living room sofa with blanket - Mohawk Homescapes

snowmen fireplace screen - Mohawk Homescapes

Something new I’ve done this year is to give each person their own basket for presents. As the kids get presents from friends and family, they place them in their own special basket. (As an added bonus for me, this keeps the presents organized and not all over the floor!)

Christmas tree - Mohawk Homescapes

We’re still keeping some old traditions, too. For example, the kids know that before Santa can bring them new gifts, they have to go through their toys and donate those with which they no longer play.

games stored in locker - Mohawk Homescapes

And we always read The Night Before Christmas before bedtime on Christmas Eve.

Christmas mantel - Mohawk Homescapes

It’s the mixture of old and new traditions that I love.

basket of ornaments - Mohawk Homescapes

What’s your favorite Christmas or holiday tradition? We’d love for you to share it below.

Merry Christmas!!

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