October 15, 2012

Making Your Living Space Lovable & Livable

I’m struggling with this one. And I know I can’t be the only one.

I’m heavily debating on whether or not I should even bother putting time, money and effort into the most lived in rooms in our home. The living room and the kitchen are the two rooms I’m in the most and see the most. Yet, I can’t stand the way both of them look and feel.

These two rooms are extremely out of place when it comes to the rest of the house. Case in point — our brand new master bedroom.

Part of the way a room – any room – comes together is how it feels. Is it warm? Is it inviting? Does it reflect personality? Is it functional and practical? And most importantly…

Does it work?

But as a family with multiple young children, I get stuck on that last question a lot. I focus on how it works more than anything else and, in turn, I’m left not loving some of the rooms in our home. Do I really care what others think when they step inside my door for the first time? Not exactly. Sure, I’m slightly embarrassed by the stains on the carpet from two years ago – from a baby who couldn’t seem to keep anything down. But it’s not about what others think or feel in my home, it’s about what I feel. It just so happens that when people do come into my home, those feelings resurface and make me want to actually do something about it. It takes someone else stepping foot in my home, another stain on the carpet (carpet that really should have been replaced years ago) or a desire for a project to make me look around – to make me really think about all those questions that make me happier in my own home.

It is warm?

If you consider hand-drawn murals on the wall by a 2-year-old warm, then yes.

Is it inviting?

Typically the only time my home is truly inviting is during the holidays. The cheer and “filler of space” that comes with the sparkly decorations and handmade projects (both by my children and myself) make the rooms much more inviting for some reason.

Does it reflect our/my personality?

A few items do. But it’s mostly thrown together – and not in a creative, coordinating kind of way.

Is it functional and practical?

I think I’ve done a decent job of replacing “grown up décor” and breakables with baskets of toys to keep everyone happy and entertained. Could it be organized better? Cleaned out? Re-done? Absolutely.

And yet, I keep making excuses. I keep saying when the kids are older we’ll get rid of our couch (that is over 10 years old and been through three baby boys). I keep making excuses.

I’m done making excuses. I’m going to slowly take back my house and make it lovable and livable — for all of us.

Now, where to begin…

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Written by:
Christina Holt, Writer/Teacher- Mommy Loves Coffee

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  • With two kids 2 and 9 months this post is something I completely relate to. And it’s been a topic of much conversation around our house. I’ll be interested in seeing what you come up with. But if I had to choose I’d take a warm house any day of a perfectly decorated one!

    • That’s why I’m trying to find the balance between warm/functional and appealing. We’ve made some changes and I’ll be writing about them here shortly!

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