November 18, 2013

Let it Snow with a Frosty Vintage Tablescape

Tis the season for family and friends, and this year the hosting of the festivities fell squarely in my lap!  I lucked out last year as we had just move in to our first home and were still settling in when the holiday season arrived, but this year it is on, and I am ready with an idea for a vintage winter wonderland.

Augustine Area Rug from the Serenity Collection
Augustine Area Rug from the Serenity Collection

Growing up with a father in the military, I had the upside of living in numerous states (true story, I went to five different kindergartens); it had the downside of sometimes being too far away for visiting family during the holiday season.  I always longed for the scene from the movies with all the family gathered around to visit… well this year I am getting my wish.

Since moving to Georgia, my fiance’s family has embraced me with warmth and true southern hospitality.  While moving to Northwest Georgia has proven to be a great place to finally call home, I find myself missing the snows of the Midwest and New England.  If you are like me and are dreaming of a white Christmas, why not pull off a grand tablescape that is sure to evoke the holiday spirit even when snow is not in the forecast.

Check out the photos below with tips to create a room that is stunningly frosty.

Frost Trees

Tip 1: Create layers

The center of the table is your canvas and a simple way to create a stunning centerpiece is to create layers.  Here we have paired tall silver trees with silver votive candle holders.

Frost Florals

Tip 2: Add florals

Floral arrangements add another dimension to your table.  To enhance this design, we use a combination of wild flowers in hues of light green and blue.

Frost Tablecloth

Tip 3:  Use a colored tablecloth

The simplest way to update a table for the holidays is with a festive tablecloth.  Here we have chosen a shimmery light blue cloth with a cream and silver border. This was a great way to create a foundation and add color to our table design.

Frost Snowballs

Tip 4: Add unique accents

To add to our theme of frost and snow, we choose to add plastic pearl beads reminiscent of mini snowballs.

Frost Napkin Ring

Tip 5: Create festive details

Add a touch of personalized elegance to your place setting.  We chose to add a simple ribbon and jewel icicle to serve as a napkin ring.

Now, fuel your creativity! Items like the ones used to create this winter wonderland are easily found in your local arts and crafts store.  I am looking forward to creating new memories and traditions as my friends and family gather around the table this holiday season.

Pinterest Collage Image Augustine


Written by:
Erika Kugelberg
eCommerce Creative Producer, Mohawk Home

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