December 22, 2014

Keys to Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree

Alyssa Cole

Last minute shoppers and tree hunters, never fear—there is still time to find the perfect tree to light up your home this Christmas! If you have chosen to go all natural this year instead of purchasing a pre-lit artificial tree, there are some important things you should consider when taking your pick at the farm.


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Leyland Cypress trees growing on a Christmas Tree Farm in Nicholson, GA. 7 G’s Tree Farm. Photo Credit: April Sorrow.


First, know your space. Keep in mind important measurements like ceiling height, approximate size of your tree topper and additional height that will be added by a tree stand (typically up to six inches). Plan to leave at least one foot of space between the ceiling and your tree’s highest point. You’ll also want to make a mental note of how furniture will need to be rearranged to accommodate your fresh evergreen, especially if you prefer a wider tree with thick, full branches.

Upon arriving at the farm, look for trees with resilient needles that don’t fall off easily in your hands, a strong green color and a sweet fragrance. These are all indicators of a tree’s overall freshness and make a big difference in determining how long it will last.

If you have children helping you make your selection, make it a fun game to examine the trees, investigating their overall look, smell and checking to be sure that the branches are thick and sturdy enough to hold your heaviest ornaments. Have kids bend down to take a look at the trunk, too, which should be between six and eight inches long and as straight as possible. A tree with a straight trunk will stand tall in its stand and will be stable without leaning.


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My little one, Makenna, helping her grandparents inspect trees at the farm.


Before bringing your tree inside your home, inspect it for bugs and critters that might have been using it as their home before you. (My daughter always thinks this is especially funny!)

Finally, be sure that your tree has plenty of water at all times. Trees can drink up to two gallons of water a day, according to Greg Smith, owner of 7 G’s tree farm located in Nicholson, Georgia. Keeping your tree adequately watered is also important for preventing it from becoming a fire hazard.

After adorning your new addition with sparkling ornaments and lights, make the space in front of it a cozy place to relax, read a book, wrap presents and create magical holiday memories. Throw down a comfy rug, like this one from Mohawk Home, to snuggle up on and enjoy the sight of your twinkling tree. I love the multi-colored Delerus rug seen below. So fun!


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