August 7, 2015

How to Get the Look: Industrial Chic

I love industrial style and design. Basically, “industrial” style or design means mixing woods, which are usually stained or aged, with metals and neutral colors.

Industrial-style laundry room from Not Just a Housewife - industrial chic - Mohawk Homescapes
Aged wood plank walls and wood bench + metal baskets and pipe hanging rod + neutral basket liners and concrete floor = gorgeous industrial style. Source

Industrial style was born of – you guessed it – industry! It reflects the metals of gears and factories and the wood of old doors and walls.

Industrial wheel - industrial chic - Mohawk Homescapes

The patinas in the metals and woods show the wear and make the pieces more beautiful.

If you want to incorporate some industrial chic style in your home, here’s how to do it:

Add wood with some patina on it.

You don’t have to find old or reclaimed wood; you can make it look old with some paint or stain and a sander. But industrial style needs to have some old, aged wood in it.

Old industrial bakers rack from estate sale - industrial chic - Mohawk Homescapes

You can clad a wall in the wood, creating a plank wall or accent wall, or you could just add it as an accent, like as a tabletop.

reclaimed wood as top - industrial chic - Mohawk Homescapes

I made this coffee table from reclaimed wood and an old crate. It’s a very easy project- I just nailed the reclaimed wood boards to the crate and added casters to the base of the crate.

Metal is a must.

Industrial style always has some metal in it.

Industrial-cabinet-display from Eclectically Vintage - industrial chic - Mohawk Homescapes

I love how Kelly from Eclectically Vintage mixed metal, wood, and fabric here to incorporate industrial style in her dining room. This metal cabinet is modern, but looks vintage.

Go industrial with storage.

If you don’t want your whole home decorated using the industrial style, add it in with storage pieces.

Industrial shelving and crates from A Bowl Full of Lemons blog - industrial chic - Mohawk Homescapes

Because industrial style has its roots in industry, you can often find storage pieces that once were, or which mimic, storage you might find in a factory or mill.

DIY-Factory-Cart-Coffee-Table from Shanty 2 Chic - industrial chic - Mohawk Homescapes

I have always wanted a factory-cart coffee table like this one, built by Shanty 2 Chic. You can find factory carts sometimes at salvage yards or antique stores, or you can build a coffee table like this yourself (might be my next build project!).

Where to Find Industrial-Style Pieces

Industrial-style pieces for your home are pretty common now at home decor stores and websites. But, to find true industrial pieces – ones that might have actually been in a factory – head to a salvage yard or flea market.

Industrial lights found at a flea market - How to get the look - industrial chic - Mohawk Homescapes

I found these lights at a local antiques market and wanted to bring them all home! (Sadly, we have no place for them right now.)

Industrial lights at the ReStore - industrial chic - Mohawk Homescapes

I found these gorgeous lights at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. They often have industrial pieces from factories or businesses who want to repurpose items from their buildings.

Do you like industrial chic style? How do you incorporate it into your home’s decor?

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