December 17, 2015

Great Hostess Gifts Under $15

With the holidays come a variety of parties to attend, and one of the toughest tasks is finding great hostess gifts that don’t feel cheap or impractical. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of some of the best hostess gifts you can bring this holiday season that won’t break the bank. If you find yourself doubting whether any gift at all would work, offer to help clean up after the party! We guarantee it’ll be the gift they most remember.

Chalkboard Wine Charms


These cute chalkboard wine charms are the perfect gift at the beginning of party season. They attach to the stem of wine glasses, allowing guests to keep track of their glasses once they’ve set them down. They’re practical, thoughtful, and most importantly only $6.49 at Michael’s.

Gourmet Hot Beverage Stirrers

LTD Commodities
LTD Commodities

Some of the best hostess gifts are those that spice up the party you’re attending but aren’t something the hostess would buy themselves. These are fun, decadent additions to a tea, hot chocolate, coffee — whatever your hostess might be serving. They’ll impress her guests and liven the party, and best of all there’s nothing to store afterwards! Pick them up online or at your local grocery story for $7.95.

Porcelain Tealight Candle Holders

Harabu House
Harabu House

We love these fun and creative tealights because they’re distinct and simple. They add a great, clean pop of color that’s perfect for setting a celebratory vibe, while still being tasteful enough to leave out year round. The perfect gift for someone whose home you’ve always wanted to bring a little color to. Grab some now for only $13 at Harabu House.

Mrs Meyer’s Scented Soy Candle

Mrs Meyers
Mrs Meyers

There are no shortage of candles out there for the party goer looking for the perfect hostess gift. However we love Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day candles because they’re inexpensive (under $10), high quality, smell great, and they come in this great jelly jar that makes them perfect to give as a gift. Best of all you can find them at most grocery stores so if you’re running late and forgot your hostess gift, this is ideal. Available in Basil, Geranium, Lavender (our favorite), and Lemon Verbena for $9.99 at the grocery store or

White Marble Cheese Slicer

World Market

This gift requires some strategy. You don’t want to be the person giving out cheese slicers at every party you go to. However, this $13 real marble cheese slicer looks more expensive than it is, and would be the perfect gift for a wine and cheese party or for a new family or new neighbors to add to their party hosting kit. It’s just a great product at a great price that if done right, can show some real thought and care. Pick it up for $13 at World Market.

One last gift you may have seen in a recent post is the Threshold Monogram Comfort Kitchen Mat. Not only charming, it adds a layer of cushion underfoot, a welcomed reprieve for your host/hostess during increased kitchen hours this holiday season. Pick it up for $14.99 at Target.


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