April 10, 2015

Get Your Porch Spring Ready!

Rachel Weems

Judging by the rejuvenating return of sunshine, cheerful chirps of birds and fragrant floral scents floating in the air, we’d say it’s safe to say spring is officially in full swing!  And we’d be willing to bet that (aside from any potential pollen induced buzz kills) you’re about as stoked as we are that spring has finally sprung!

To help welcome the warm weather in style this year, why not give your porch a little seasonal face lift?  While you can rest assured that Mohawk Home’s selection of our outdoor mats is topnotch this year (and would you expect anything less from the world’s leading rug manufacturer?)… why not take things a step further this year and steal some inspiration from a few of our favorite fashionable DIY savvy porches for spring!

Short on space?  We love how this simple DIY stacked pot planter project brightens up this otherwise plain Jane patio.  Click the image or link below to see the full tutorial.

Source: AllParenting.com
Source: AllParenting.com


This budget friendly tin can lantern craft couldn’t be any easier!  Create just a few to sprinkle around your doorway (or even hang with the bailing wire hangers) or line your railings with a crew of these cute and colorful repurposed cans.  Check out Elise’s blog, Grow Creative, for the whole scoop.

Source: Grow Creative Blog
Source: Grow Creative Blog


Do you have an old dresser that has seen better days stowed away in the garage collecting dust?  Whip those drawers out and breathe new life into them with a fresh coat of paint and watch the porch creativity unfold!  The blogger in this post used a stencil to create the boho patterns on these drawer planters.

Source: Queenbandme.com
Source: QueenBandMe.com


This rustic wooden ladder is perfectly imperfect and adds a darling dose of corner charm to this patio.  The blogger planted cheery yellow begonias in each IKEA planter.

Source: Ashbeedesign.com
Source: Ashbeedesign.com


A simple fix to brighten up your patio can lie in just the addition of a few cheerful outdoor pillows.  But if you want to take things a bit further, take a leaf out of this crafty blogger’s book and stencil your street number on a pillow created using painter’s drop cloth.  Talk about clever!

Source: Out Home Away From Home Blog
Source: Our Home Away From Home Blog


And to seal the deal, don’t forget to check out Mohawk Home’s freshest collection of doormats for spring!

Heirloom Medallion Coir Doormat
Heirloom Medallion Coir Doormat from Kohls
Hello Pinwheels Coir Doormat from  Kohls
“Hello” Pinwheels Coir Doormat from Kohls
Bohemian Ogee Doormat from Kohls
Bohemian Ogee Doormat from Kohls

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