October 17, 2014

Garage Organization

Do you park your car in your garage, or is it more of a storeroom? Are you afraid to open your garage doors, for fear of what will tumble out?

Well, if it’s the latter, I hope today’s post will help. I’m talking garage organization today!  I’ve got some great ideas and they don’t require you to buy a big, expensive organizing system.

In my garage, I needed storage and a work surface, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.

new cabinet for garage - Mohawk Homescapes

I found this cabinet at our local Habitat Re-Store for (drum roll!) $25! I couldn’t believe it. I added the countertop, which just came from a big box home store, which was about $50.

I labeled each drawer with chalkboard labels (which I already had). That way, if I change what’s in a particular drawer, I can just erase it and re-label it.

chalkboard labels on drawers - Mohawk Homescapes

For about $75, I gained a ton of storage and a great work table.

Need a place to store tools?


I love this pegboard tool storage cart from Mom4Real.  It’s easy to make, and totally portable to any project you’re working on.

Store bicycles and ladders on heavy-duty hooks on the wall:

hanging bikes - Mohawk Homescapes

Those hooks are easy to install and they get those bulky items off the garage floor.

Add some shelves for larger items, such as paint cans and garden equipment.

areas of workshop labeled - Mohawk Homescapes

And you have an organized garage!

finished garage front view - Mohawk Homescapes

You might even park your car in it!

car in garage - Mohawk Homescapes

Are you inspired to organize your garage? Here are the steps I followed:

1. Figure out what storage you need first. I knew I needed some drawers and cabinet space for tools, hardware, and paint supplies. When you know what you need to put away, you can buy (or build) the best storage.

2. Empty the garage completely. Put back only those things you need or will use, and put them in their designated new storage place.

3. Create zones. Above, I have one area for tools and paint and one for garden equipment. That way, I always know where to look for what I need.

4. Don’t forget to sweep up leaves and other debris from the garage floor. It looks much bigger when it’s clean!

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  • Great article Karen, and timely for us, as this weekend, we’re attacking the single car space in our garage. Hubs’ shop occupies the 2-car portion, and we share a space at the end of the small garage. But that has cluttered up over the warm months. We need to make room for the car to hibernate in this winter.
    Will keep this piece in mind. Thanks.

  • Thanks, Cheryl! How did it go this weekend? I hope it went well and you can park in there again!

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