November 20, 2015

Fun and Games: Kids Table Activities

Heidi Milton

Children bring a special brightness to the holiday and if you’re hosting kiddos at your feast this Thanksgiving, you’re in for a treat.  The “kids table” is a long-standing tradition in many homes and it’s easier than ever to make it extra special — and fun — for the young ones.   If they’re engaged, adults can linger in adult company.  It’s a win-win!  Today I’m sharing ten easy ways to make your kids’ table fun, entertaining and the highlight of the day.

Let them get creative. 

The grown-ups can relax a bit while the children show off some (relatively) quiet creativity.  This can mean coloring activities, decorating the tablecloth, and sculpting with play-doh.  Or provide supplies for them to journal their own gratitude.

Mohawk - kids 1Over the Crescent Moon

Mohawk - kids 2Choices for Children

Mohawk - kids 3Giggles Galore

Mohawk - kids 4Nest of Posies

Mohawk - kids 5Whatever Dee Wants

Mohawk - kids 6Dimples and Tangles

Also, offer a game or silly group activity. 

If you don’t mind a little noise, let them find their silly side with jokes or games at the table.  Their giggles will make sweet background music for your guests.

MOhawk - kids 7Activity Village

Mohawk - kids 8My Sister’s Suitcase

Mohawk - kids 9It’s Overflowing

Mohawk - kids 10Celebrations at Home

All of these ideas are inexpensive and simple!  And don’t be surprised if a few adults end up at your kids’ table.  Enjoy!

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