February 21, 2014

Five Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal to your Entry

Karen Cooper

I don’t know about you, but I am over winter.  Enough with the gray skies and snow! As I daydream about spring, I’m starting to think about how to spruce up my front entry to welcome the warm and sunny weather. Today, I’m going to give you five easy ways to add curb appeal to your front entry.

1. Start with the door.

One easy way to brighten your entry is to paint your door. We have a red front door. Red doors are traditionally a sign of welcome to travelers or visitors.

red door - curb appeal - Mohawk Homescapes

You could also choose a bright color for spring, like lime green, teal, or yellow. This is a project that generally takes about a day, so it’s perfect for a quick weekend project.

2. Paint a planter.

I love having flowers at our entry. In the spring, I use planters that I painted bright white, and I plant brightly colored plants and flowers in them. The colors against the white planters really pop.

painted planters - curb appeal - Mohawk Homescapes

Painting planters is easy. I used terra cotta pots, but you could also use plastic pots if you use a paint that will cover plastic (like spray paint meant for plastic application). For the terra cotta pots, I simply turned them upside down (so that paint didn’t get inside the pot) and spray painted them with bright white gloss paint. You could also use latex paint and brush it on. Either way, make sure that paint doesn’t get into the inside of the pot where the plants will be.

3. A fresh mat.

I replace our welcome mat every spring. After the rain and snow and slush of winter, our welcome mat looks worn. Replacing the mat is an easy and inexpensive way to freshen up an entry for spring. I like this monogram one:

door mat - curb appeal - Mohawk Homescapes

 4. Flag me down.

I love having a flag at our entry. We have an American flag, but I love seeing flags for colleges or favorite teams or just a spring scene. It makes an entry welcoming and bright.

front step with flag - curb appeal - Mohawk Homescapes

5. “Wait a minute Mr. Postman…”

A fast and easy project to add curb appeal is painting a boring, basic mailbox a bright color. I painted our mailbox (which was black) to match our front door.

paint your mailbox - curb appeal - Mohawk Homescapes

I simply used paint left over from the front door project, but you could use spray paint, too. You could complete this project in an afternoon.

So there are some quick and easy ideas to enhance curb appeal. Are you ready for spring? What do you do to add curb appeal to your home?

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