June 15, 2015

Fast & Fresh Summer Recipes

When the heat of summer sets in, I want to eat lighter foods. No casseroles or heavy sauces. I want fresh, bright flavors. Of course, with all the activities going on, the recipes need to be fast and easy to cook, too. Here are some fast and fresh summer recipes I love:

grilled vegetables - fast and fresh summer recipes - Mohawk Homescapes

Grilled vegetables make a great summer side dish because they can be prepared and cooked quickly. For asparagus, squash, and onions, wash and trim, then drizzle with olive oil. Add a little salt and pepper, toss, and put on the grill. In less than 20 minutes, you’ll have smoky grilled vegetables.

For corn on the cob on the grill, soak the corn – husk and all – in water for about 30 minutes before grilling (if you don’t do this first, don’t worry – you can still just rinse the ears of corn off and then grill them!). Then throw on the grill still in the husk. Grill for about 20-30 minutes, turning periodically. When it’s done, remove the husk and silks and enjoy!

mint for watermelon feta salad - fast and fresh summer recipes - Mohawk Homescapes

One of my favorite salads for summer is watermelon-feta salad. Just put cut-up watermelon in a bowl, crumble feta cheese into the bowl (as little or as much as you like), then add some torn mint or basil (or both) and a drizzle of olive oil and toss together. Super easy and tasty.

This summer pasta salad from Atta Girl Says is delish:

pesto-pasta-salad-recipe- fast and fresh summer recipes - Mohawk Homescapes

I love how it showcases summer flavors: basil, tomatoes, and peas. It’s so light and good!

And of course you need dessert! What about strawberry shortcake?

Strawberry-Shortcake-Skillet-Cobbler - fast and fresh summer recipes - Mohawk Homescapes

I love this strawberry shortcake skillet cobbler from Recipe Girl because it combines my favorite summer fruit (strawberries) with two of my favorite desserts (cobbler and shortcake). It comes together easily and feeds a crowd!

What’s your favorite fast and fresh summer recipe? Share in the comments!

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