November 6, 2015

Dinner Table Crafts to Keep ‘Em Busy

The holidays are fast approaching so it’s a good idea to get a plan in place!  If you have children and family members on your guest list,  the kitchen can become crowded and hectic.  Why not consider some simple dinner table crafts and activities to keep them occupied while you ready the feast?  Today I’m sharing a few suggestions to creatively engage them out from under your feet.

Easy table decorations. 

Let them take on the table decor! Stick to projects they’ll enjoy and, of course, with minimum mess and fuss. Some great examples: washi tape wrapped candles and/or paper bag utensil holders, and a kraft paper table runner!

Mohawk - dinner table 1The Kim Six Fix

Mohawk - dinner table 2The Good Stuff

Mohawk - dinner table 3By Dawn Nicole

Involve the little ones. 

Have them color a placemat or create a thumbprint wreath or a gratitude tree to keep them engaged and occupied.

Mohawk - dinner table 4A Girl and A Glue Gun

Mohawk - dinner table

Mohawk - dinner table 6Decor & More

Create activities. 

It doesn’t have to be arts and crafts that keep them busy! Search online for conversation starters or make your own.  Print out a holiday themed Bingo game that everyone can enjoy.  Anything that engages and gathers your guests will be a hit!

Mohawk - dinner table 7Yellow Bliss Road

Mohawk - dinner table 8Crazy little Projects

Enlisting your holiday guests in dinner table crafts and activities will keep them, too, out from under your feet in the kitchen. Get ready to enjoy the fun!

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