May 23, 2013

Create Outdoor Bliss in 3 steps!

It’s getting warmer outside and you know what that means! Extend your living space outdoors. Eat outside, read outside, relax outside, play outside…just get outside! Creating an inviting outdoor space is easy. Follow these 3 steps and you’ll never want to go inside again!

Step 1. Find affordable durable outdoor seating. Whether you want your space for dining or you prefer conversational seating, Home Depot is a great destination. You can customize your set. Pick the fabric and the frames and you get free shipping! Even if you already have a patio set, consider freshening it up every year or so. New cushions or throw pillows are great accents.

Step 2. Pick a great area rug that ties everything together. An outdoor area rug helps define your outdoor space, provide comfort under foot and  keep the floor cool. These outdoor rugs in Mohawk’s new exclusive Panoramic collection have 1000 hours of light fastness outdoors. That’s 3 times the leading outdoor brands! Find style that lasts!


Maze Wildaster Indoor/Outdoor, outdoor rug, indoor/outdoor rug, uv rug,
Maze Wildaster Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Outdoor rug, mohawk outdoor, indoor/outdoor, patio design
Herringbone Ginko Indoor/Outdoor Rug 
Outdoor Rug, Indoor/Outdoor, UV rugs, Mohawk Rugs, patio design
Pindall Cream Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Herringbone Cream Indoor.Outdoor, indoor outdoor rug, mohawk rug, patio design, uv rug, lightfast rug
Herringbone Cream Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Herringbone Black Indoor/Outdoor, indoor/outdoor rug, uv rug, chevron outdoor rug, mohawk rug, patio design, black and white rug
Herringbone Black Indoor/Outdoor
Penny Loafer Cream Indoor.Outdoor, outdoor rug, indoor/outdoor rug, patio design
Penny Loafer Cream Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Cloverleaf Wildaster Indoor/Outdoor, outdoor rug, panoramic collection, mohawk rug, outdoor dining,
Cloverleaf Wildaster Indoor/Outdoor


Step 3. Accents! The power of a vase, or a pitcher is big in finalizing the character of your area. has a huge selection of accents that will complete your look! Don’t forget the flowers!

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