September 30, 2014

Create a Homework Station for Your Child

Karen Cooper

Do your kids grouse about doing their homework? Here are some ways to give them a stylish and functional homework station they’ll love to use!

If you have the room for it, designate a space only for homework:

homework-station-built-ins - Mohawk-Homescapes

What kid wouldn’t love having a colorful, bright space like this?

Of course, not all of us have room to add something like this (I don’t!). But it’s easy to create a homework station that’s functional in other spaces in your home.

For example, if you rarely use your formal dining room, why not turn that room into a homework room or study?

dining-room-into-homework-station - Mohawk-Homescapes

I did that in our old dining room. I added a desk and chairs for a work space, shelves for storage of books and supplies, and a reading area complete with a lamp and beanbag. A functional and comfy area to do homework!

Or you could set up a homework area in your child’s room:

desk-homework-station - Mohawk-Homescapes

This is my son’s room. I found the desk at a community yard sale for only $35. It just needed a little touch-up painting (it came with those colors!) and some cleaning. I added a chair from a big box store – not expensive – a pencil cup, paper, lamp, and bookends for his notebooks. The shelves next to the desk hold books. It’s a perfect spot for homework – quiet, private, and stocked with necessary supplies.

Don’t have room for a desk? No problem! Create a portable homework station. For example, use a rolling cart and just move it to wherever your child does his or her homework:

homework-station-rolling-cart - Mohawk-Homescapes

Stock it with pencils, markers, crayons – anything your child might need to complete homework.

Or, for another space-saving solution, use an old tool box or caddy:

tool-box-homework-station - Mohawk-Homescapes

Whatever your space or budget, you can create a functional and adorable homework space for your child.

Where does your child do homework? I’d love to hear your solutions, too!

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