September 16, 2014

Cozy Throws for Your Home

Here’s the deal at our house:

My husband is always warm and likes to keep the house cooler.

I am always cold and usually have on a sweatshirt and socks when indoors, even in the heat of summer.

Is this the case at your house, too? What’s the solution?

I stash cozy throws all over the house. That way, wherever I am in the house, I have a throw to keep me warm. Here are some ideas for throws for your home and creative ways to store them.

The easiest way to store a throw is to just drape it on the back of a chair.

throw-on-back-of-chair - cozy-throws - Mohawk-Homescapes

This nubby throw is so soft. And, although it is lightweight, it keeps me warm. I grab it when we’re watching TV in the living room.

Because throws can be inexpensive, you can change them out for the holidays.

blankets-on-the-couch - cozy-throws - Mohawk-Homescapes

Here, I’ve draped a Christmas-colored flannel blanket over the back of the sofa for chilly nights.

Vintage quilts make great throws.

quilts-on-ladder - cozy-throws - Mohawk-Homescapes

These quilts were made by my husband’s aunt (made from his grandmother’s old dresses – how cool is that?), so I wanted to display them. An old ladder is a great way to display several throws. I found this ladder at a thrift store for $6!

Don’t have room for a ladder? Fold up the throws in a big basket instead.

basket-of-blankets - cozy-throws - Mohawk-Homescapes

Stash the basket behind the couch for easy access on cool nights.

Don’t forget the bedrooms.

throw-on-bed - cozy-throws - Mohawk-Homescapes

I keep a throw in each bedroom for extra warmth. In my room, I keep it at the end of the bed, because I pull it over me most nights. I store throws or blankets in the other rooms in either a closet or dresser.

It’s time to get ready for colder weather! I can’t wait. Get those throws out and get cozy!

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  • Last winter in Minnesota was the year of the Polar Vortex, so throws were an essential! They’re just a fun way to change up room decor too.
    Great post, Karen.

  • Thanks, Cheryl! Even in GA, we need throws – but certainly needed for a Polar Vortex! Stay warm, friend!

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