October 2, 2014

Color Showcase – Orange

Karen Cooper

Orange is a tricky color to use in your home decor. It’s bold, it’s bright, but it’s also warm. And this is the time of year when we want to add fall colors to our home: rich browns, golden yellows, and bright oranges.

Sure, you could just add some pumpkins to your home to add some pops of orange, but let’s go beyond the pumpkin. Here are some ways to incorporate the color orange in your home.

Could you paint a whole room orange?

orange-wall-and-leopard-bench-jennifer-flanders - color-showcase - Mohawk-Homescapes

The orange paint on the walls isn’t overwhelming because of the light neutrals in the room. The white duvet, white lamps, white trim, white night tables, and light flooring temper the orange walls.

If you don’t want to paint all four walls orange, how about an accent wall?

orange-accent-wall- color-showcase - Mohawk-Homescapes

An accent wall creates a focal point in the room, without the orange taking over.

Here’s an orange accent wall in a girl’s room. Perfectly playful for this space:

pink-and-orange-bedroom - color-showcase - Mohawk-Homescapes

Still can’t quite convince yourself to paint a wall orange? How about a bright orange accent, like a tabletop?

orange-in-farmhouse-rustic-space - color-showcase - Mohawk-Homescapes

With all the brown in this space from the barn wood, the orange table is a needed and happy pop of color.

Nothing rhymes with orange, but what colors go with orange? What colors can you use with orange in your decor?

How about teal or blue?

orange-and-teal - color-showcase - Mohawk-Homescapes
blue-and-orange-guest-bedroom - color-showcase - Mohawk-Homescapes

Because these colors are opposite each other on the color wheel, they accent each other well.

Pink and orange also pair well together, like in the girl’s room above. And of course orange with neutrals creates a balanced look.

orange-in-painting-above-neutral-fireplace - Mohawk Homescapes

Or, you could always buy some pumpkins!

Halloween-door-pumpkin-planters - color-showcase - Mohawk-Homescapes

Would you incorporate orange into your home’s decor? What do you think?


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