April 2, 2014

Color Showcase: Gray

Mark my words, gray is here to stay! Even as each new, trendy color is announced or introduced to the world, gray has become the new black – a staple in home décor, entertaining fashion and accessories.

When it comes to fashion, gray can be matched, blended or layered with virtually any color on the spectrum, worn on its own or paired with other shades of gray. It really is becoming the easiest base color, accent color and staple in women’s fashion.

Here are my current picks for gray fashion.

gray girl

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gray girl by christina holt

Incorporate gray into your everyday kitchen style and/or pull pieces together for those days and night of entertaining. A great way to style your parties is to keep a separate cabinet, cart or storage piece (dressers and chest of drawers are also becoming a popular place to store and display kitchen necessities and party essentials) full of items just for entertaining. That way, you know where everything is and it’s easier to style your tablescape or party theme at a moments notice.

Here are my current picks for gray entertaining.

gray entertaining

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gray entertaining by christina holt

And it’s no secret that I have a personal love for gray within the home. Gray is what you make it – you can have a deep bold gray as your main wall color and highlight the room with soft neutrals, such as white and linen or you can start with a softer gray palette and incorporate virtually any personal style. From country to modern and beyond, gray is a versatile backdrop and great starting point for any room in the home.

Here are my current picks for gray home décor.

gray home

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gray home by christina holt

Written by:
Christina Holt, Writer/Teacher- Mommy Loves Coffee


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