February 19, 2016

Give Your Collectibles the Spotlight They Deserve

From buttons to tea cups, we all have that one guilty pleasure that we take pride in collecting. In the blink of an eye, however, those collections can go from story-telling novelties to a pile of tchotchkes. Your collectables deserve a spotlight. Give them the attention they deserve with these boast-worthy display ideas:


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Source: Apartment Therapy

Mixing collectables into your every day life sounds overwhelming, but can be simple with the help of containers. Jars are a great way to not only organize your collection, but also add depth, levels and character to a tableside display.


Wall Worthy 

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Source: This Old House


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Source: Denise in Bloom

Few things can spark a conversation like a creative display of wall art. Let your walls speak for themselves as you display your collection with pride. Worried about logistics? Conquer your fears with these tips on how to hang almost anything.


Shining on a Shelf 

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Source: Etsy

If you find yourself to be a compartmentalizer, custom shelves are the perfect opportunity for you to assign each collection piece a perfect spot. Tip alert: this beauty can be found on Etsy, along with several other display options.


Show the World

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Source: C.R.A.F.T.


Who says that you have to keep your pride and joy inside? Plugging your marble collection into a wooden fence is an inexpensive and creative way to display a collection. Get creative and don’t be afraid to be the talk of the town.


Let Your Walls Do the Talking

collection display ideas - collections - Mohawk Home - smileandwave
Source: Smile And Wave

That’s right, wallpaper is out and collection walls are in. This display is great for those with paper collections and those looking for a tool-free display option. Talk about a conversation starter.

Hopefully these boast-worthy displays sparked some inspiration, deep within, to get a head start on your Spring cleaning and get those novelties organized! We would love to hear your collection stories below and how you decided to display your pride and joy.


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MiKyle Crockett , fashion & decor enthusiast

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