July 8, 2015

Beautiful Bathroom Designs You Will Love

*Guest post by Modernize

You see images of bathrooms on Pinterest and immediately fall in love. Why is this? What is it about some designs that catch your attention and make you long to enjoy them yourself? Here are five different bathroom designs that you’ll love.

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Mixing and Matching

This contemporary bathroom has many different eclectic elements. Varying shades of grey on the walls accent the different architectural flourishes. The black on the floor and bottom half of the wall looks more masculine. Sterile white vessel sinks and the freestanding tub compliment the contrasting worn picture frame. One of the focal points of this bathroom space is the hanging chandelier and painted ceiling tray. What makes this bathroom design work so well is the unity of familiar materials? When you mix smooth materials like the bathtub with textured metal, like the picture frame, opposites attract and look pleasing to the eye. Matching lighting fixtures and bathroom hardware bring it all together.


Modernize - Bathroom Decor - Style - Mix Match Style - Mohawk Homescapes - Guest Blogger

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Tuscan Elegance

Everything about this bathroom reminds you of the hills of Italy. From the picture window in the walk-in shower to the tiling on the floor, this space is dedicated to elegance of Italy. Tiling gives this bathroom an ornate accents behind the bathtub and the double sinks. Although there isn’t wall tiling in the regular part of the bath, the yellow textured paint sets the tone for a relaxing primping space. The design also using different elements of a spa, including the glass enclosed walk-in shower and the folded white towels ready to be utilized under the sinks. Including a tall plant in the corner helps bring this area of your home to life!


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White Out Traditional

The use of color (or lack thereof) and trendy elements help give this traditional bathroom an eye-catching look. White spaces appear elegant and styled because everything, down to the minute details, match. What the designer did with this bathroom to make it “pop” includes adding a bright painting, a trendy chair, and some greenery. The painting above the side vanity sets the color tone for the entire room. Pinks and purples give the bathroom warmth and make it more inviting. A touch of modernity in the acrylic vanity chair helps this space look more current. Even though most of the furniture is traditional, the white gives it a more contemporary look. Last, but not least, adding greenery breaks up the monotone color, adding greens and pinks from the plant and flowers.


Modernize - Bathroom Decor - Style - Modern Style - Mohawk Homescapes - Guest Blogger

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Modern Form Meets Function

When you think of modern bathrooms, this one may come to mind. Why is that? Well, this space has a lot of futuristic elements that serve useful functions. Let’s begin with the floor-to-ceiling mirror. Although this accent helps the room appear larger and adds decor to the room, it also serves a purpose by allowing the bathroom user to see themselves top to bottom. Other modern accents like the white floating shelves work as sculptural elements but also hold toiletries and towels. You may not even notice the sink because it’s a lower-to-the-vanity sink with an overflow area. This black accent draws your eye in but also serves one of the biggest functions in the washroom. Even the lights on either side of the vanity look unusual but compliment the quirky wallpaper in the toilet room, which, let’s be honest is just for aesthetics. There’s no use in purple wallpaper other than to look cool.


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Sometimes a bathroom has such dramatic architecture that the rest of the room is simply there to compliment it. This room is a perfect example of that situation. The vaulted ceiling, window and large walk-out balcony are the main focus of this room. Other details are spectacular as well, like the granite countertops and freestanding tub, but don’t be fooled, the main attraction is the architecture. Playing up the view, the blue of the water and sky becomes one of the main colors in the space and the white of the cabinets works well with it. There are very few colors used throughout the room, but it seems as if it has a lot of life because of the intentional use of space and the water front view. The designers allowed this room to be breezy and airy by limited the amount of visual interruptions. When you walk into the space, all you notice is the chandelier and the tub before seeing outside. This makes for a glorious bathroom that even the most sophisticated interior designer will celebrate.



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