November 19, 2015

Avoid the Headache When Hosting Guests For The Holidays

The holidays are coming, and with them a flood of friends and family visiting from all over the country. Preparing your mind and your home for all of that activity and stress can be overwhelming, so here are some quick tips to keep you sane while hosting guests this season.



Don’t get overwhelmed with cleaning

Your guests won’t be going over your home with a fine-toothed comb! Clean up the guest room and their bathroom and move some of the clutter to storage spaces. Make sure your guests have places to sit, eat, and work if they need to — maybe stop using your kitchen table to store laundry for a few days. Focus on making sure they feel at home, and less on worrying whether they’re judging you.


Girl at Airport
Source: Pop Sugar

Think Ahead

Do your guests have any food or pet allergies? Are they bringing children or pets? Ask! Knowing these things ahead of time can prevent a frantic late-night run to the grocery store. If you know young children will be visiting, take some time to do some basic child-proofing (dangerous substances out of reach, nothing heavy out that can tip, sharp items or edges covered or put away, prescription medications locked up, etc.) If your guests are bringing pets then having some pet snacks ready can be a really sweet gesture.


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Help Your Guests Help Themselves

Few things are more uncomfortable than feeling like you need to impose on a host to get what you need. Save your guests some stress by making sure they don’t need to ask for everything they need. Provide some snacks that don’t need preparation (nuts, trail mix, fruit, and crackers are all great options) so your guests can snack if they’re hungry late at night. Leave a water glass in the bathroom with some travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, soaps, and tissues and an extra toothbrush. A pair of slippers, a book and even an extra pair of headphones can go a long way towards making someone feel at home.

What other special things do you do for your guests? Share your tricks and tips in the comments below.

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