November 24, 2014

Add an Accent Wall to Your Home

Want to create a big design impact without redoing an entire room? Try adding an accent wall to your home. There are several ways to create an accent wall: using paint, wood, wallpaper, art, or even a Sharpie! Here are some ideas for accent walls for your home:


Perhaps the easiest way to create an accent wall is with paint.

using paint to create accent wall - Mohawk Homescapes

This accent wall in the entryway in our old house used less than a sample pot of paint and I finished it in an afternoon. Yet it adds so much to this boring, beige hallway.

To get more dramatic, create an accent wall with stripes. Use contrasting paint colors for a big impact; different sheens of the same color to be more subtle.

living room striped accent wall - the spiffy-company - Mohawk Homescapes

Stencils are another way to create an accent wall:

stenciled-wall-behind-headboard - accent wall - Mohawk Homescapes

I taped off vertical stripes and painted them one shade darker than the wall color. Then I painted the stencil pattern in the wall color. You could do this with contrasting colors, too, for a bolder look.

Or, for a fun approach to an accent wall, use chalkboard paint:

chalkboard accent wall - our vintage home love - Mohawk Homescapes


For a more rustic look, how about a plank wall as an accent wall?

plank-wall-in-entry - lovelyetc - Mohawk Homescapes

Paint or stain the wood, or just leave it natural. The wood on the wall really warms up the space.


I know, I know. Some people really don’t like wallpaper. But doing only an accent wall in wallpaper is much easier and less expensive than papering a whole room.

woods scene wallpaper - accent wall  - house and garden UK - Mohawk Homescapes

When decorating a smaller accent wall, you can go bold with your choice of wallpaper:

herringbone wallpaper - accent walls - Mohawk Homescapes

If this herringbone pattern were on every wall, it would make the room too busy but, on a smaller accent wall, it becomes art.

Other Creative Accent Wall Ideas

Create an accent wall design using a Sharpie paint pen:

DIY sharpie wallpaper - accent wall - Vintage Revivals - Mohawk Homescapes

Or create a gallery wall:

gallery wall - accent wall - Mohawk Homescapes

I used my kids’ artwork and some other of my favorite pieces to create this accent wall.

Do you have an accent wall in your home? Would you create one? In which room? Do tell! Leave a comment below with your design ideas.

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