July 15, 2015

10 Tips to Transform Your Bath Decor

Rachel Weems
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When it comes to decorating your home, the bath is often last on the list. And understandably so, as your entry way, dining room, kitchen and even bedrooms are often seen first by guests. But as the bathroom is arguably one of the most used rooms in your home (think about it… just like the bedroom, you start and end you’re day there), shouldn’t it deserve the same attention?

Creating a luxurious environment in your bath will foster a soothing sensation of relaxation, calmness and spa-like indulgence. Considering it’s a small space, it’s amazingly simple what just a tweak or two can do to enhance your bath’s overall atmosphere. So pick and choose from our designer tips below to start decorating your own dream bath… and don’t forget to share the finished result. We love happy endings!

Ten Tips to Transform Your Bath Décor:

  1. Make a statement with your mirror.

    If you aren’t restricted by a wall mirror that’s already installed (or against removing it), an update with a framed mirror is a great opportunity to make a bold statement of style. Find one with a glamorous rim or more modern finishes to instantly give your bath a face lift.

  2. Store in décor with decorative storage baskets.

    More often than not, we have far more products, gadgets and cleaning supplies in our bath than we actually need. But curtailing that collection can be a challenge. Instead, invest in some decorative storage baskets and bins that coordinate with the rest of your bath décor. If you have shelves, this is a great opportunity to add a little more style and hide the mess in one fell swoop.

  3. Rethink the bland towel rod and opt for oversized hooks instead.

    Most baths have a towel rack. And frankly, there are a lot more stylish options. If you’re ready to think outside the box (or rack rather), invest in some decorative oversized wall hooks. Hang them at alternating levels for even more texture.

  4. Add corner curtains to your bath for a glamorous look.

    If you have a bath tub and shower combination that uses a shower curtain, adding two other curtains at either end will create a lavish look. Pick a rich looking fabric in timeless solid hues to keep this look classy, instead of chaotic.

  5. Reconsider your rug.

    While rugs are fashion for the floor, a bath rug especially also must be functional and designed to thrive in a moist environment. Cotton is plush, soft to the touch and moisture absorbent, but it does not absorb moisture as quickly as synthetic options, like nylon. Synthetic rugs, like nylon, also wear better overtime. For those reasons, you may consider selecting a nylon bath rug for an area with higher traffic and heavy exposure to moisture, i.e. a child’s bath, and reserve the cotton styles for lower traffic areas, such as under your sink or around the toilet.

  6. Surround your soaking tub with candles.

    If you’re lucky enough to have a soaking tub, add to the luxury with fine candles positioned around it. There’s just something about the soft flicker of candle light that soothes the soul.

  7. Function and fashion meet when you add a wooden stool.

    A wooden stump stool is a simple way to add the tranquility of nature to your bath décor. Aside from the aesthetics, the stool is a great place to prop a book, candle or towel while you’re soaking in your tub.

  8. Invest in a few pretty accessories.

    Thoughtful additions like an elegant vase for fresh flowers, ornate soap dispenser or delicate hand towels can make all the difference.

  9. Light your space in style.

    A decorative central light fixture is an unexpected effect. A nice swap from traditional options, this is another opportunity to show your personal style in the space and perhaps create softer, mood lighting.

  10. Don’t underestimate the power of quality towels.

    If all else fails in your quest to create a luxurious bath environment, invest in some high quality towels. Not a lot can beat the convincing power of touch, especially when it comes to Egyptian cotton. When you consider it’s something you’ll use every day, sometimes twice a day, your return on investment will be tenfold.


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