July 13, 2015

Farmhouse Style: How to Get the Look

Karen Cooper

Farmhouse style is popular in home decor right now. Its simplicity and mix of textures and materials is appealing, even if you don’t live on a farm. Want to incorporate farmhouse style in your home? Here’s how to get the look:

For a farmhouse look, combine neutral colors with wood and metal.


farmhouse style kitchen - Mohawk Homescapes


In farmhouse style rooms, the walls are usually painted in a neutral color: white, off-white or cream, or light gray. Add some wood elements – a wood floor, wooden shelves, an accent wall with reclaimed wood or shiplap, or a farmhouse table.


shiplap on walls - farmhouse style - Mohawk Homescapes
Shiplap as wainscoting.  Source


Then add metal elements, such as a wire basket or an old scale.


metal basket on shelf - farmhouse style - Mohawk Homescapes
A metal basket, vintage rolling pins, and a metal sign add to the farmhouse feel in my kitchen.


And a neutral-toned rug completes the look:


Augustine rug - American Rug Craftsmen - Mohawk Homescapes - Augustine
American Rug Craftsmen – Augustine


Augustine rug - American Rug Craftsmen - Mohawk Homescapes - Laredo
American Rug Craftsmen – Laredo


Another element in farmhouse style is open shelving.


Fixer Upper Coffee Bar - farmhouse style - Mohawk Homescapes


Open shelving is a great way to display your favorite dishes or accessories. Chunky wood shelves really say “farmhouse style,” especially when styled with wood, glass, and metal elements.

I love how farmhouse style mixes textures.


basket and galvanized pails - farmhouse style - Mohawk Homescapes
Galvanized pails for flowers and a dark wicker basket.


Wicker, metal, glass, and wood all come together to create the farmhouse look. And a farmhouse room wouldn’t be complete without rustic elements.


Coke crate spice rack - farmhouse style - Mohawk Homescapes


A Coke crate (or any wooden crate), a rustic sign, or an old window hung on the wall create a farmhouse feel. Plus, don’t forget lighting!


red vintage lighting - farmhouse style - Mohawk Homescapes


I love those big industrial lights!

Add natural elements, too, such as fresh herbs or a topiary.


herb garden - farmhouse style - Mohawk Homescapes


Do you like farmhouse style? How have you incorporated farmhouse elements in your home?

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