January 13, 2019

Super Bowl Party Planning and Recipe Roundup

Shira Zwebner

Our healthy New Year’s Resolutions don’t get put on pause just because you’re planning a delicious Super Bowl party. In fact, there are so many fun and healthy recipes for the biggest game day of the year. So, there’s really no excuse to load up on nachos and Philly cheese steaks unless you’re really satisfying an intense craving.

Sure, I’d love to build one of those massive stadium snack holders overflowing with Kit Kat bites, friend Mac & Cheese balls, and every flavor of Pringles, but why give in to temptation? This year, I’ve decided our family is going to indulge our game day cravings with healthy alternatives to hoagies and pizza.

I’ve combed Pinterest and put together a list of delicious but healthy Super Bowl party fare, from adorable football deviled eggs as appetizers to skinny spinach artichoke dip, you’ll want to bookmark this page as you plan your Super Bowl party.

  1.  Turkey Avocado Rice Balls

Credit – La Fuji Mama



2. Football-shaped Deviled Eggs 

Credit – Full Thyme Student

3. Skinny Taco Dip  

Credit – The Creative Bite


4. Light Mini Turkey Taco Cups 

Credit – The Creative Bite


5. Skinny Spinach Artichoke Dip 

Credit – Happy Healthy Mama 

6. Quinoa Pizza Balls with Yogurt Ranch Dip  

Credit – Happy Healthy Mama

While our family will be opting for healthy snacks for the big game, don’t let that stop you from setting up your viewing party the way you want it!

With the big face-off is slated for February 3rd, there’s plenty time to plan a watching party that is sure to score with your guests.

Here are some quick ideas for football food, fun and festivity that the whole family can enjoy.

Sometimes, you just need that delicious junk food!

First, the Super Bowl is all about the food. Keep it simple and plentiful. Something hot is always appreciated on winter nights and this Loaded Nachos dish is a crowd pleaser that’s easy to assemble ahead of time. Crock-pot chili is another make-ahead no-brainer that won’t keep you tied up in the kitchen during the game.

Game day or any day, this is a dish the whole family will love

Credit: Country Living

DIY snack station

Next, set up a self-serve snack station (or “snack stadium” as some clever hosts suggest) that completely removes you from serving duty. Add all the crunchy stuff but keep it healthy! Swap chip for organic pretzels, air-popped popcorn, nuts and cut veggies, and keep the crumbs in check with paper cones for guests to fill themselves. Have drinks on hand in ice-filled coolers. Nothing fancy, there’s no time!

Self-serve snack station lets your guests do the work
Self-serve snack station lets your guests do the work

Credit: Saved from Life Anchored

Get the kids involved in making paper cones to hold snacks. Use football-themed stickers to close.

Credit:  Pinterest

Who doesn’t love helmet cookies!?

No matter what you serve, there has to be at least one football-shaped sweet item at a Super Bowl party. Make it super simple with these Wilton cookie cutters in the shapes of a football, helmet, jersey and pennant. Buy store-bought cookie dough and decorator’s icing for a quick rush to the end zone on desserts.

Wilton football-themed cookies cutters that just happen to be in Patriot colors. Hmmm . . .

Credit: Amazon.com

Game-winning décor

When it come to paper goods, make sure you use coordinating team colors. For napkins, paper and plastic ware, select team colors. It shouldn’t be hard to find Super Bowl champ team colors in you local paper goods store!

Have some halftime fun

You can also set up games and activities for the kids and guests to play at halftime. For the football fanatics, lay down this football area rug. Get field goal posts at a party store or simply make them use pieces of PVC piping. Use small footballs for finger kicks or bottle caps to recreate game plays.


Mohawk Home – Football Field Prismatic Area Rug

For those still glued to the wide screen, suggest a round of Super Bowl commercials bingo. Players cross off items as they find them in commercials. The first to get all items, wins. Downloadable cards are available on the Internet, just search for “Super Bowl bingo commercials 2019.” You’ll find plenty of free downloads, too. We really liked this one from Etsy!

Super Bowl, Bingo, games, Mohawk Home, party tips
Super Bowl commercial bingo will keep guests busy during lulls in the game. This one from Etsy costs $2.50 to download

Credit: Etsy

No matter how you approach the big Game Day, it’s really easy to throw a great Super Bowl party complete with healthy snack food. With a little well-organized planning, you’ll create a memorable event we’re sure your guests will cheer about!

Are you hosting a Super Bowl party this year? Let us know some of your party fare favorites and décor picks in the comments section

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