November 30, 2018

How to Arrange Furniture Around an Area Rug

Mollie Surratt

With the changing of the seasons, I’ve been extra motivated to get my house looking fabulous for the onslaught of guests and events that the autumn and winter months bring. Lately, I’ve been noticing that my house has -gasptoo much gray, especially our family room. I’ve also been itching to play with the layout of our family room by arranging the furniture around the area rug in different setups. While I want the space to be gorgeous, I also want it to be cozy and comfortable for evenings chatting by the fire—or, more realistically, sisters arguing over the loud TV. Ha!

So, how do I tackle these design challenges in an affordable and easy way? Adding a stylish area rug from Mohawk Home with subtle pops of color is the perfect solution to both of my challenges. The Karastan Expression by Scott Living in Amalgamate Gold rug provides an instant color infusion to the space with both warm and cool gray tones, indigo accents, and warm gold and taupe accents. The color palette pulls the entire aesthetic together, while also adding much needed warmth. In addition to the visual benefit, the large rug provides the ideal anchor to test two furniture configurations.

how to arrange furniture around an area rug

how to arrange furniture around an area rug

For furniture configuration #1, I arranged two leather chairs on one end of the room and placed the two solid gray sofas opposite of each other. I placed the leather chairs near the wall and rustic console table, so that there is a clear walkway out of our sliding glass doors leading to the patio. I like this configuration because the room feels larger and more open. What do you think?

For furniture configuration #2, we moved the two grey sofas into an L-shape with the two leather chairs facing the sofas for easy conversation. While this configuration provides less open floor space, my entire family voted it as the favorite because it feels cozier and more intimate. My husband liked how he didn’t have to bend his neck in a weird way to watch TV. So, #2 was the winner in my house.

how to arrange furniture around an area rug

An area rug is the anchor in a room. The furniture is either arranged on top of it or around it, and it forms the centerpiece of a room. Like in my family room, the right furniture arrangement can make all the difference in how the room can be used and enjoyed. So, how do you know the best way to arrange furniture around an area rug? The trick is to make sure that the size and pattern of the rug, as well as the room’s furniture, all work in tandem. Many people make the mistake of getting a rug that is too small, so be sure to measure and don’t be afraid to go big. Since my living room is large, I went with a 10’ x 14’ rug to fill more space.

Here are some tried and true design rules for how to arrange furniture around an area rug.

1. Living Room

For an attractive living room layout, an equal amount of exposed flooring around your rug will balance the room and frame the rug. It is typically advised to leave 12 to 18 inches of exposed flooring around the rug.

  • In small spaces, anchor your furniture using a 4 x 6 or 5 x 8 rug in the center of the area. Your furniture should be arranged around the rug, not placed on top of it to create a feeling of openness.
  • In slightly larger spaces, like my family room, place the front legs of your furniture on top of the area rug. This is most common in rooms that utilize an 8 x 10 or larger size area rug, like you see in my pics.
  • If you have an open floor plan like mine, use a rug to define the space. Choose a large rug, like a 9’x 12’ or bigger, that most of your furniture can touch or fit on comfortably. All the legs of your furniture should be on top of the rug if possible.
  • If you have more than one sofa, center your area rug at an equal distance between the two like you see in my furniture configuration #1.

Use this handy furniture sizing guide to make sure you have selected the right size rug for the living room.

Living Room Sizing Guide and Furniture Measurements

2. Bedroom

In the bedroom, the size of your bed will be the most important factor in determining how to arrange your furniture and what size rug you should use.

For full-sized and larger beds, be sure to use a rug that fits easily underneath the bottom two-thirds of the bed. This placement allows adequate space for your nightstands.

Like with the living room, feel free to use the furniture sizing guide to make sure you have selected the right size rug for the bedroom.

Rug pictured: Aloma Denim Area Rug

3. Dining Room

The first rule of dining room decor is: chairs should fit comfortably on the area rug, even in the pulled-out position. Your rug should extend from the table approximately 18-24 inches.

The furniture sizing guide for dining rooms should also help in choosing the right size rug for the dining room, depending on what furniture you have.

Other than the size of the room and furniture, consider the pattern of the rug. If the rug is going to be under a bed or large furniture, make sure enough of the pattern shows.

The key to properly arranging furniture around an area rug is to consider the rug the anchor or centerpiece of the room. Make the rug the base, and you can’t go wrong.

how to arrange furniture around an area rug

What furniture configuration would you have picked? We’d love to see how you’ve arranged your furniture on your Mohawk Home rug, so please share with us on Instagram. Happy arranging!

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