September 12, 2019

Bohemian Décor Tips & Tricks

I love adding Bohemian elements into my home décor, and try to incorporate them into my house wherever I can. You can’t go wrong with this style, since it combines your personal passions into one space. The look is carefree, relaxed and eclectic, showcasing a mixture of colors and patterns, textures and design elements, and plenty of natural influences. All it takes are some skillful techniques, and the Boho look you covet will be closer than you think!

With the following simple decoration tips, you can easily bring Bohemian style into your space:

Plant wall

Embracing the natural world is really a core element of Boho décor, and a plant wall is a great way to bring nature inside! If you have space on your wall but you can’t seem to figure out what to do with it, try adding in little shelves for small plants like succulents. If you want a few medium-size plants, place-hanging plants scattered throughout the entire room. 

Vintage pieces

I love the idea of adding in in some vintage pieces in your décor, because they bring so much character to your home. Plus, it’s eco-friendly, cutting down on waste and helping our planet by being reused and re-loved! You can add in little touches with your furniture, opting for vintage nightstands, coffee table, or even in your accessories like dinnerware and cups!


Bohemian style is all about rich, vibrant colors that can be combined and layered. I love earth tones as a base with pops of deep purples, mossy greens and fiery oranges. White is also a great backdrop for these bold colors. Select one area in your bedroom that will be primarily white, like your bedspread, and then add in color with your throw pillows, sham, artwork and accessories.

Pops of Color

One of my favorite things about the bohemian style is the ability to truly showcase color in your space. The simplest way to achieve this is with a Boho style area rug! Make sure your favorite colors are incorporated within the area rug and then design the rest of the room around your rug. Here is some of my favorite Bohemian inspired area rugs from Mohawk Home:

Mohawk Home Grove in Gold

Mohawk Home Ryker in Navy

Mohawk Home Rhine in Navy

Mohawk Home Deangelo in Pink

Decorative Elements

A hodge-podge of stuff that mixes and matches design elements is the epitome of Boho style.  Playing around with texture is one of the quickest ways to display your Bohemian style. I love adding pattern to your bedding, and also in throw pillows, picture frames, and even with vintage pieces! Play around with whatever textures and patterns suites your style best.

No matter how you choose to add in these simple tricks, the Boho style can be frequently updated. Take a Saturday to explore little vintage shops, pick up some rare pieces at your local flea market, or visit a nursery to find some plants to add to your space! We would love to see how you decorate, so make sue to tag us @mohawk_home and use the hashtag #mymohawk

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