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Choosing wall art that accents the colors within your room’s designcan also work to bridge the gap between rooms.

Choose a bold color from your décor to paint an accent wall. It is an excellent way to create a dramatic statement and tie the room together.

Solid color accents that mirror the colors within your furniture are a great way to add depth to your décor. Use different colors and textures to create visual interest.

Simple modern furniture pairs easily with any of today’s fashion trends; hence, making it easy to update color and accents without needing to buy all new furniture to coordinate.

Choosing the right décor can be a challenge. Check out this post on our blog to learn useful tips.

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Create a cozy kitchen oasis in earthen hues. The emerald shade glass tile backsplash provides a unique twist on this kitchen’s design.

Emerald was declared as the color of the year. Read our blog post for ideas on how to make use of this hot color trend and create visual interest.

Soft neutral tones pair well with emerald tones, to create a color scheme that is inspired by nature.

Use multiple shades of emerald to create a design that has creativity and depth. In this design elements of animal print and live plants create the feel of a jungle sanctuary.

Mohawk Home Conexus Flamboyant

Lighting is essential to every design. Complete the emerald theme by choosing lighting with colorful accents.

The lightest shade of emerald is easily paired with grey to create a room that is elegant and sophisticated.

Mohawk Home Secret Garden Patch

This design combines the classic combination of emerald and red to create a bold statement.

Reclaimed wood is another interior motif that is on the rise. This natural flooring is a great way to create an artistically inspired rustic emerald design.

Accent pillows allow you to easily add pops of color to your décor. As a bonus, accent pillows are easy to change as the mood strikes you.

Reupholster your armchairs to the latest color trend. This creates a fashionable space with a potential DIY project that can be redone anytime you are looking for a fresh update.

If you are afraid to go bold, start small. Change out accent pillows and accessories first.

Break the harsh angular lines of your home’s architecture with soft curvy furniture pieces such as the sofas seen in this is rooms design.

Mohawk Home Duet Bath Rug Thyme

One color, many hues can combine to create a truly inspired design.

Green is nature’s favorite color! Create a bathroom design inspired by a tropical watering hole. Surround your walls with emerald tile and add a living reed privacy screen.

Mohawk Home Traditional Lucca Bella

Add green to your design by simply painting the walls. This creates drama and updates the look in a weekend.

Create a modern look with geometric designs in a color scheme of soft greens with earth tone. This look is both stylish and exudes tranquility.

Pair several pillows together to create a dramatic statement in the bedroom.

Textured accent pillows can add both color and depth to your room.

Mohawk Home Pressley Sage

Combining solids and trendy upholstered pieces creates a look that is eloquent and modern. Pair with accents to create even more dimension and coordination to your design.

Don’t worry, it’s SmartStrand®! SmartStrand® is the only rug fiber with built-in stain resistance that will never wear or wash off. This no-fuss, eco-friendly fiber makes a wonderful addition to any room and is sure to endure within most lived in areas.

Neutrals combined with pops of trendy color is a great way to being a designs’ foundation while creating a look that is modern.

Printed accent pillows are a great way to add color and texture to your solid sofa.

Quirky features and accessories can bring a room to life.

That old green sofa just became hip! Pair it with brightly color accent pillows and accessories that are timeless.

Unique art work and accessories, such as lamps, are excellent ways to modernize your space.

Go bold with bright colors and accessories to create a one-of-a-kind space.

Textured walls and accessories are great ways to keep the modern vibe when color is just not enough.

Inspired by feathers, textured pillows like these can add dimension to your living space.

The emerald stone itself varies in shade from pale green to a rich, deep-blue shade. Be inspired by the jewel! Mix and match shades within your design.

Mohawk Home Bettina

Add some glitz and drama of the emerald gemstone to your kitchen with mosaic tile. It’s perfect for a backsplash.

Paint, art and accents should employ a variety of textures and finishes to create an intriguing display.