October 9, 2018

Creating a Cozy Home

Heidi Milton

It’s almost here!  Can you feel a twinge of autumn in the air?  We are just now having some cooler mornings and breezy afternoons and I can almost feel it!  This year I am more than ready for fall and have been busy working on some fresh fall decor for my home.  But there are also some simple tips I employ to ramp up the Cozy Factor in my home — no crafty skills needed. 🙂

1.  Mood Lighting

As daylight saving time approaches, the days are slowly getting shorter, and I love the coziness of lamp light on cloudy days or in the evenings.  I keep low wattage bulbs in all my lamps, except those that might be used for reading or other tasks.

Source: South Shore Decorating Blog


Source: Real Simple


Lamps really provide a nice coziness + inviting effect to your gathering areas.  Place them in your entry way, offset them in the windows, next to your seating spaces.  You could even add a dimmer switch to your room to really allow you to personalize the lighting.


2.  Get Closer

Pull your living room or family room seating a little closer together. This creates more intimate and cozier seating arrangements.  Just the proximity to others promotes a sense of warmth.  Try facing your couches to each other or adding in ottomans and benches.  These create even more seating areas for family & friends to gather with each other.

Source: Amber Interior Design


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3.  Pile on the fabrics

This is when I pull out the stops with all things fabric.  Fall is all about layering + creating comfortable + warm areas.  You can try it with throw pillows, drapes, and afghans.  Nothing wards off a chill better than nestling against pillows, under a warm afghan.  Don’t forget to add extra blankets or quilts to beds as well.  Even outdoor spaces can be cozy with pillows and throws!

Source: Savy Southern Style


Source: fortheloveofahouse.blogspot.com


Source: hgtvremodels.com

4.  Light the fire

While our gas fireplace doesn’t put out much heat, I often crank it up for the ambience alone.  A crackling fire in the fireplace is so inviting.  Fireplace not functioning?  You could easily add some pillar candles and enjoy the glow.

Source: Make Life Lovely


Source:  Kirklands

5.  Layer some Rugs

Take the chill off of bare floors by layering area rugs.  Use can start by using a sisal rug and layering a rug or two on top.   Your feet will stay toasty and the layering effect is as cozy as pulling on your favorite cardigan sweater.  This is also an easy way to introduce more color or pattern to your decor.

Source: Glitter Guide


Source: Country Living


6.  Burn a candle

Candlelight is an easy way to achieve a cozy atmosphere.  I burn a few with fall-like scents, such as cinnamon or pumpkin.

Source: Garden Therapy


Just remember to have fun when designing your space for the fall season.  Just remember these quick tips: low lights, lots of layers with throw pillows and blankets, light a fire or a scented candle, move seating areas closer together to make it a little more intimate and finally, ask your loved ones to join you in your newly created cozy atmosphere.  How do you get your home cozied up for fall?

You can find more fall decor ideas and projects at Decor & More. 

Happy Fall, y’all!

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