January 1, 2017

Decorating Resolutions for the New Year

This week many of us will be crafting our goals for 2017 and mine will include decorating resolutions for my home.  While the home decor resolutions in the past have included routine updates and upgrades that need to happen, this year I am branching out and challenging myself in a few new ways when it comes to my home decor.  If our homes are an expression of our personalities, it is high time for a fresh approach.

I resolve to pare down my accessories for a simpler look.   While I will never consider my style “minimal” I feel compelled to use a more discerning eye when I refresh my decor after the holidays.  Life seems complicated these days and studies show that too much stuff in our homes can cloud our thinking and create a sense of being overwhelmed.  Who needs that in the new year?  So I will be purging and donating some less beloved accessories and organizing and storing some more.  Less is more will be my motto!

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I will try new arrangements of wall art and decor.  My budget for “new” is non-existent, but I have plenty of options to refresh wall art and decor simply by shopping my house and storage areas.  Walls that sport gallery arrangements may end up with one large statement piece and vice versa.  It’s time to change up the look!

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I will incorporate a fresh color into my decor.  Pantone announced their new color of the year for 2017 and so I am exploring ways to inject a bit of it into my decor.  Admittedly, their choice of “Greenery” is a bit outside of my comfort zone.  While I do not plan to wallpaper or maybe even repaint, a few curated touches of a fresh color can breathe new life into tired spaces.

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My throw pillows and rugs are due for a refresh.  Pillows and rugs — textiles of any kind — are easy to refresh when you are changing up your decor.    Affordable options abound in these areas so shop the after-Christmas sales and snap up fresh finds for your home.  Remember to clean thoroughly any rugs or pillows you plan to store for later use.  Then pop your new ones into place and enjoy a fresh look!

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Decorating resolutions go beyond the ho-hum “to do” list for your home.  Regard them as an opportunity to try something adventurous or to tackle a unique challenge in your home decor.  This week while you are resting from Christmas hub bub, settle in with a steaming cup of coffee and brainstorm what your decor resolutions will look like for 2017.  Then come back and share them in the comments!  I would love to hear what you have planned.

Wishing you all a blessed holiday season!

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