May 5, 2017

Top 10 Ways to Embrace Unicorn Mania

A magical creature has invaded our culture, and it’s popping up just about everywhere. The colorful Unicorn craze is gripping the world over – from sugary drinks to fashion to home décor. Unicorns have made their way into virtually every industry. After months of Unicorn mania, the movement’s momentum still hasn’t slowed.

We’re not complaining, though – we love the unique aesthetic, which opens a world of creative possibility and has inspired so many products we love.

Check out our Top 10 favorite unicorn trends:

Unicorn Light-Up Slippers


Unicorns are magical enough on their own – add warmth, comfort and colored lights into the mix and it’s hard to resist!

Unicorn Makeup Brushes


Part of the unicorn fashion trend has been bold, colorful rainbow inspired makeup. What better way to apply than with an array of brushes made from unicorn hair and horns?

Magical Unicorn Birthday Parties


For unicorn-lovers of every age, there’s really no better way to celebrate your birthday than with magical party favors and decorations.

Rainbow-colored Unicorn Hair


The unicorn craze has inspired some gutsy, vibrant new hair colors for men and women alike to show off their individuality.

Rainbow Houseware


Unicorns have also inspired some beautiful trends in household items, from cutlery to flatware. Which is perfect for enjoying all the sparkly new unicorn foods we’ve been seeing

Majestic Unicorn Area Rug from Mohawk Home


Unicorns aren’t just finding their way into peoples’ kitchens! Add a magical touch to a themed bedroom with Mohawk Home’s Majestic Unicorn Rug. It’s even stain-resistant to protect the vibrant color

Unicorn Head Wall Mount


The core of the unicorn movement has been individuality, and that extends to décor. This is another great item for a themed bedroom.

Unicorn Wall Decals


Once you have a beautiful area rug and furnishings, one cool way to complete your unicorn-themed room is with this whimsical wall decal!

Unicorn Champagne Flutes


If you’re in need of a sophisticated way to add a little magic to your life, try this colorful crystal collection.

Unicorn Art


The unicorn’s sudden popularity has inspired artists and creatives in many ways, which means even more ways to adorn our homes and bodies with magical art!

What’s your favorite unicorn inspired trend? Let us know in the comments!

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