May 31, 2017

Quick Tips to Freshen Up the Bathroom

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Our bathroom isn’t one you’ll find in a fancy shelter magazine but it certainly has its good points–like plenty of space, a cream and white color scheme, and a separate shower and soaking tub. It is your basic builder bathroom and while we would love to update it, doing that wouldn’t be a good investment in our housing market. So, I worked hard to add some decorative elements to make this space feel more upscale and spa-like, after all, your bathroom is one of your most-used spaces in your home.



For our bath I started by giving the walls a coat of dark gray paint, which really pops against all the white tile and adds a bit of drama. Don’t be afraid to use color in a smaller room, especially since it is a private space so pick a shade that makes you happy! Adding a beautiful rug by Mohawk Home from Bed, Bath and Beyond also makes the space feel warmer. This rug is sumptuous–and perfect for a bathroom–no more cold tile floor! Bed, Bath & Beyond has a huge selection of rugs to match any style decor.



In this room, we have SO much white tile that a large, fluffy rug was the answer to softening up the space. This one, from Bed, Bath and Beyond, not only makes the room warmer but it adds some fun pattern too.



Another easy update is to add two individual mirrors over the sink area instead of having one huge one {that builders typically put in}, this small change will make your bathroom feel luxurious. The pretty trim on these mirrors adds a little sparkle and the matching mirrors make the room look much more polished.



Adding decorative accents goes a long way to making your space feel less utilitarian. A small bench is the perfect place to keep towels and soaps close to the tub, and a few flowers and other items will make you feel like you are at a spa, even if you are just getting ready for work! White towels are also good to have on hand, as they go with any decor and feel fresh and clean.



The final touches in freshening up our bath were to swap out the plain knobs with crystal pulls and add a fun, inexpensive ‘ghost’ chair to complete the vanity area. Of course, a few candles were also called for, they make a soak in the tub even more relaxing.



What was a boring, cold space really became a sanctuary with some small touches and a luxurious rug. There is nothing worse than stepping on cold tile when you get out of the shower, is there? Sinking into a soft, warm rug will start your whole day off right. You can see the whole selection HERE.



Before I go, I wanted to show you another cute rug I found at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Our guests are welcomed with this darling confetti “Hello” mat, it makes our whole entry seem cheerful!



For more of our decorating ideas, please come visit us at 11 Magnolia Lane!



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