August 31, 2019

Bold Color Combinations

I have always admired homes that present a strong wow factor in their interior design choices. I also really appreciate how certain styles showcase rooms that coordinate with one another. As you move through the house or apartment you’re instantly able to see how they all connect and flow into one another. One of the best ways to achieve this synergy is through your color choices and how you use them to decorate.

One way to create this appearance of cohesion is to go big and bold with colors! These do not have to be bright colors, but if you enjoy that, go for it! Here are just a couple of my favorite color combos :

Midnight Blue + Coral

While living in Charleston, I really appreciated homes with coastal influences. The combination of midnight blue and coral is the perfect way to bring the beach in while also adding a pop of color. Bring in the coral through your pillow and artwork. Then accent with gold as a beautiful metal in your furniture. Pair with a classic design area rug in a neutral color like the Mohawk Home Everson Medallion area rug.

TIP For a medium to large room, use more of the darker color palette to create a more intimate and cozy vibe.

Dark Red + Light Blue

Studies have shown that red makes people want to eat more, so if you’re going to give your dining room a refresh, try dark red with a light blue color combination! Try painting your walls an off white and then add a large piece of artwork with red to hang near the dining room table.  Then use place settings in different shades of blue. Complete the look by going bold with a patterned rug that has different shades of blue like this Mohawk Home Wendall area rug in Blue.

Forest Green + Light Pink

To give your space a more relaxed feel, try working with forest green and light pink! Give your living room a refresh by using forest green as a wall color and then adding in pops of pink in the side chairs. And I love the idea of pairing these colors with black to not overwhelm the eyes. To continue the theme, add in dark greens around the home to bring it all together.  Try taking the colors to the bathroom with pink accessories and a forest green bath mat.

No matter how bold you go with your home, remember you do not have to have bright neon colors to create that wow effect! Don’t get too “matchy” with those little accessories to give the rooms character. Play around; have some fun!

Share your interiors with us using the #mohawkhome hashtag on Instagram, we can’t wait to see how you decorate your space!

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