May 7, 2018

Picture Perfect Photo Props for Newborns, Toddlers, and Families!

Jennifer Palmer

This post will give you a ton of tips on props for taking professional pics of kiddos from newborn to beyond toddlerhood!

Props make the shot, they add color, fun, and interest that make the photos pop off the page. If you are planning a shoot for your infant, newborn, toddler, or family I have a list of things you may want to consider to get that perfect shot.

I’ll link each tip to where to buy so your search stops here!!

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For infants between 1 month and 12 months


Hats make the shot. Don’t believe me? Keep scrolling and you’ll be a believer! From Sock Monkey to Bunny, no matter what you put on a tiny little head it will look divine.

Baby Knot Hat from Etsy

Personalized Beanie from Etsy


What’s behind and underneath you IS important. Did you you notice the soft puffy white cloud under the baby in the two photos above? It’s not the focus of the shot but its what makes the whole picture come together and looks soft and sweet. Don’t miss this element! Flokati rugs are great but traditional flokatis are wool, shed and quite frankly stink! You can get similar look with this shiny, super soft synthetic rug (no allergies here!) like the Juliet Metallic shag in cream.


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Babies look cute in buckets!


Did I mention babies look cute in Hats? Look at this cute Baby Fedora!



They have a great selection of Basket photo props on Etsy. Search here.


baby photography ideas, baby basket photo prop,
Babies in Baskets are even cuter!


Infant Cocoons & Wraps:

These soft pouches protect the baby and keep them warm during the shoot. The cuteness factor is also a plus. These come in an array of colors and shapes. Shop Cocoons here at one of my favorite Etsy shops MadaboutColour. 


infant photo prop. cocoon baby wrap, infant wrap, blue wrap infant
Infant knit Cocoons Add fun Punches of color 

Baby Ties:

Nothing is cuter than a little man dressing like his daddy. Baby ties come in an array of colors and patterns. I recommend picking one that will bring out the babies eyes. Shop Baby ties here.


baby tie, infant photography ideas, infant tie
This tie makes him Smile! 


Tutu’s are an easy DIY project and look so cute on a baby girl. Tutu’s also add a girly touch to even the most plain background.


infant tutu, baby photography, baby ballerina
Tutu Cute! 


Have a little fun with your photo shoots. Break out the bubbles! Find a darker background so you can see the bubbles against the background. Kids love this prop idea!


bubbles photography ideas, toddler photography ideas, bubbles, kids and bubbles
Bubbling with Fun! 


For toddlers between 1 year and 4 years old


A fun swirly Lollipop is a “sweet” way to enhance any photo. Add in a pop of colorful ballons and you have a super sweet shot! Pick one that coordinates with the outfit or in this case the ballons. I love shopping at the Bulk Candy Store for my Lollipops.


kids photo ideas, birthday photo idea, lollipop photo
Sweet as Candy 


Balloons are super fun and an affordable photo prop. Oriental Trading has balloons in hundreds of colors. We choose balloons that have a metallic sheen to them so they would reflect brightly in the photos. Almost looks like the movie UP!


kid photo ideas, balloon photography ideas
Up up and Away! 


A bouquet of flowers is easy to get and can be a great photo prop. In this shot we knew we had the red boots and the old rusty red wagon that would match nicely with the roses. This shot with its setting at the barn, the old rusty wagon, and the roses has an old fashioned feel to it.


Kid Photo Ideas, roses photo prop, toddler photo ideas
Stop and Smell the Roses 


A cute kiddo sized rocker is a great prop. And you can use it after the shoot which is a bonus! Buy a Rocker like this here!


toddler photo props, white chair, cracker barrel kids rocking chair
Cracker Barrel Rocker Photo Prop 

Red Accents

You’ll notice I use red accents a lot. They pop in the photos and create great visual appeal. The below hat was from the Children’s Place.


toddler photo ideas, red hat photo prop
Red Accents make photos pop


toddler red cowboy boots, toddler photography ideas
Tiny Red Cowboy Boots! 

Keep it Simple:

This shot of the little girl laying with her pillow of curls was effortless but will always be one of my favorites. I love how all of the focus is on her, she doesn’t need props to make the shot.


kid photo ideas, kid photography ideas, artistic kid photogrpahy
Little Girl in a Sea of Hair 


This pumpkin is a great prop for this photo. You’ll always remember it was Halloween and the colors balance eachother out. Check out those Ruby Slippers!


toddler dorothy, wizard of oz kids costume, halloween photography kids,
Ruby Slippers


Sibling Photo Ideas


Not much is sweeter than seeing siblings show affection and love. So if you can bribe them with candy to do it on camera. I highly suggest it. You’ll get tears out of the grandparents for years.


sibling photo ideas, sibling kiss, sibling photography ideas, brother and sister photography
Sibling Kiss 


Sometimes the weirdest locations provide the best photography juxtaposition. This rugged large tractor tire makes a great prop for these two little ones.


Sibling Photography ideas, Tractor Photography Prop, Country setting photography, kids photography tractors
Sometimes an Odd Background is the perfect setting
sibling photo ideas, sister and brother photo ideas, photography ideas for kids, kids pictures
Sibling Love

Family Shots

Photo Frame:

A photo frame creates a frame within a frame and lets you focus in the subjects. Frames add an eye catching affect to any photo.


family photo ideas, family picture ideas, picture frame photography ideas, kissing photo ideas
Photo Frame Kiss


But sometimes…

Mom is the only prop needed…


infant photo ideas, newborn photo ideas, newborn photography, newborn with mother photography
Sometimes Mom is the Perfect Photo Prop

Photos of infant and baby girl to age 1 girl- courtesy of talented Sara D Harper

Photos of baby boy and siblings courtesy of my friend and AMAZING photographer Andy Baxter Photography.

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