April 27, 2018

How to Create the Perfect Playroom

Mollie Surratt

Children’s spaces are my absolute favorite! It’s the freedom to use bolder colors, light-hearted and whimsical design– and to remember what life was like as a kid. Admittedly, my kid’s rooms, especially the playroom, are among my favorite and most treasured spaces in our home. And because my two girls are transitioning out of the baby phase and into the “big kid” world (sniff, sniff), I’ve recently updated the space for this next season of learning.


When decorating the perfect playroom, it’s time to let go of your design inhibitions and have fun.


Select the Right Backdrop

To infuse a happy vibe in the space, we painted the walls a vibrant aqua blue, Benjamin Moore Misty Teal. To be consistent with our gray-tones throughout the house, I selected soft, durable SmartStrand carpet by Mohawk Flooring in a neutral gray. SmartStrand has built-in stain and soil repellent that never washes or wears off- so it’s a perfect choice for busy, active families like ours.




Start from the Ground Up

While I love the grey carpet, playrooms often need a focal point to center the room. Mohawk Home to the rescue! My kiddos and I selected the Palm Canyon Majorca Area Rug in 7’6” x 10’ to spice up the room and provide the perfect landing for the eye. Plus, it’s super durable and stain resistant for all of the spills and craft mishaps to come. The fun bubble pattern and bright colors, including orange, lime green, aqua, blue and grey, immediately gave me inspiration to finish the rest of the space. For those of you worried about placing a rug over carpet, set your worries aside and do it! The layered look not only provides additional comfort, but it’s the perfect way to bring more color and style into your space.



Pick Your Accent Color

For the accent color, lime green was the perfect choice since it’s found in the rug and plays (no pun intended, ha!) so well off the blue tones. . To bring in the lime green, I selected a white craft table with lime green chairs from Pottery Barn Kids and placed it in the center of the Mohawk Home rug. On the perimeter of the room, you’ll find oversized storage canvases filled with Barbies, legos, American Girl dolls and other small treasures that my girls love. The totes keep everything look neater and make for easy clean up.








Make Old Things New

A few years ago, my mom gifted me the piano that I had played as a young girl. While special, the piano looked and felt out-of-date. To incorporate it into the playroom, a friend painted it using gray chalk paint for an affordable remedy. The piano now looks great and fits so well in the space. What furniture do you have that could use a paint makeover and be used in the playroom?



Go Big or Go Home

A playroom begs for inspirational, over-sized art that is full of color to fill the walls. I snagged the letters to spell p-l-a-y-r-o-o-m at Hobby Lobby and the Dream Big print on Etsy. The whimsical dog paintings were created by a local retailer on a wood canvas. Whatever your art choices, don’t be afraid to go big and go bold to fill the space.





To display magnets and practice spelling, I snagged several magnet boards from Ikea. And to display artwork from school, the wire and hangers are from Ikea as well. Thanks to Pinterest for these simple ideas.



Creating the perfect playroom will be one of your favorite design projects to date. Just have fun, pick bold colors and enjoy the process!



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