November 4, 2015

Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating with Gold

Alyssa Cole

Stainless steel, silver, pewter, and other cool metallics have been hotter than ever over the past several decades, but don’t be fooled…there is no metal in home design that is as glamorous, chic and warm as gold, and it’s making a major comeback!

Not sure how to use it in your home? The Mohawk team is here to help with this simple list of do’s and don’ts.

DO use it in accent décor:

Because it works so well with almost any color combination, picture frames, mirrors, fixtures, vases, hardware and wallpaper are just a few of the places you can and should incorporate glints of gold. (But don’t update all of them at the same time. See below: Don’t Go Overboard.) We love this dreamy living room from interior designer and Addison’s Wonderland owner, Brittany Hayes.

Mohawk Homescapes, for the home, decorating, interior design, rugs, gold decor
Photo credit: Brittany Hayes,


DO Mix it Up:

Don’t be afraid of mixing your metals for a timeless look that will transition well as trends come and go. Feel free to layer in touches of rose gold, copper and silver for a look that flows seamlessly. You can also select pieces with ombre finishes that are already blended, and add in more natural-looking elements (think wicker baskets, fringe, wood) to give your space a modern but comfortable feel.

Mohawk Homescapes, lifestyle blog, home decorating, gold decor, rugs
Photo Credit: Emily Henderson,


DO add it in unexpected places:

Who would have thought to paint golden highlights on this door’s molding? We love it!

Mohawk Homescapes, lifestyle blog, for the home, decorating, gold decor, rugs
Photo Credit: Laurel Bern Interiors


DON’T go overboard:

One of the main reasons why gold became lackluster after its tremendous success in the 1980s was that it was overused. EVERYONE had all things gold, everywhere. Using gold as a stage-left accent is much less overpowering (and much more appealing) than letting it take center stage in every room.

Maintaining a balance is key to making metallics work, so try placing your accents against more neutral, muted colors, as seen in the photo below from Mohawk’s Karastan rugs. Gorgeous!


Mohawk Homescapes, lifestyle blog, for the home, home decorating, gold decor, rugs
Rug: Karastan’s Evanescent collection. Modena Camel

What’s your favorite metal to decorate with? Do you have tips for mixing your metals? Tell us in the comments below.

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