See what our cutomers are saying about Mohawk area rugs. Mohawk is committed to the highest quality customer satisfaction standards. We hope our testimonials from real people help you decide on the best rug choice for your home and family.

In color, design, and price point, your area rugs stand head and shoulders above the rest of the rugs I've sourced from several suppliers during my search for the best look for my living room. I just want to express my appreciation. Some designs are so fine, my daughter and I think they could hand on the wall as art. Thanks for giving me some inspiring choices.
Marita W.
Just wanted you to know I bought a kitchen rug of yours from Target. Loved the fact that I can throw in washer and dryer (since this is nylon it won't eat up all my quarters to dry) since I do laundry at the Laundry Mat. Great that your made in USA and use recyclable fabrics. Keep making here for I've seen all the jobs in garment industry go overseas (I work in accessories for 35 years) I always buy lots of bath and kitchen rugs and will look for your product from now on. I also shop Century 21 in NYC so maybe you want to sell there also. They buy closeouts. I shop there for rugs lots.
Patricia P.  /  New York, NY
Just to take a few moments to thank you and Mohawk for the work and consideration that you gave us in the replacement of our rug. We are elated with our new rug, and my wife has bragged to all our friends about Mohawk, and the great service that you and your company have extended us.
Robert I.  /  Folsom, CA
I just purchased a Mohawk Home doormat (Gothic Lattice). I want you to know I specifically shopped for products made in the USA. I finally chose your doormat because it is made of recycled tires.
Dan W.  /  Ventura, CA
Just wanted to let you know that today I purchased a small Halloween doormat from your company for one reason. No, it wasn't because I needed it; it is because it is made in USA. Thank you for supporting our nation!
Michelle B.
I just bought an outdoor rubber mat the one with the look of stones on it and I just love it I bought it at Wal-Mart and on the way out the greeter who was an older woman was so excited she that is just beautiful it looks great and it makes me feel good when I come home. I collect stones so it is perfect for me!
Doris S.  /  Alliston, Ontario, Canada
I bought a hall runner made by your fine company. I am pleased with this fine American made product. Keep up the good work. My purchase was: Style 6179, color 10935 size 024096. I try to buy American and do so whenever and wherever possible. I will buy more of your products.
Terrie P.  /  Burlington, KY
I bought some of your area rugs last night at Lowes and was so proud when I saw they were Made in the USA! Kudo's to you guys for that! My husband and I seek out American made products these days to help bring jobs back to our country. I will certainly be a repeat customer of yours in the future. Keep up the good work!!!
Tina C.  /  Jonestown, TX
Just wanted to write and thank you for producing products here in the US. I just purchased a floor mat from Target. I specifically chose your mat because it was made in the USA. Please know that manufacturing in the USA just sold your product. Thank you.
Susan Santoro
Thanks Mohawk Home...Your fabric textures, colors and design patterns are always a pleasure to see at my favorite department stores throughout the USA. Especially the earth tones such as rustic-bronze, browns, creams, warm golds, beige, greens, blues...etc... Keep up the great work!
Donna B.  /  Winter Springs, FL
We have used Mohawk area rugs in many of our past homes and never realized that they had a line of rug runners. The style Reed runner is an absolute perfect fit for a standard size bathroom both for comfort and appearance. The runner is stunning in our bathroom and upgrades the appearance at a very slight cost. Kudos to Mohawk.
Sharon E.
I recently bought 3 of your rugs at Wal-mart in Halifax N.S. and I just wanted you to know that I think they are one fine product! I will be getting more in future from Mohawk. Thank you.
I just wanted to say Thank you!!! Thank you for providing me a quality product at a great price. Most importantly THANK YOU for being an "American" company. I just recently bought a rug at Kohl's and was very pleased to see that it was made in the USA! Thank you again and God Bless!
Tammi S.
Just want to thank you for making your beautiful rugs here in AmericaI just bought one at Costco and besides being a beautiful piece of carpet it is also quality which only made in America products can provideHave a very Blessed Christmas and please keep up the good, quality work.
Della F.
I was shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond in Davenport Iowa yesterday, looking at the bath rugs. I picked up one of your Royal Velvet Duet bath rugs and was impressed with its softness and qualityThen I checked the tag and saw the all important words MADE IN USA. I could not get that rug in my shopping cart fast enough!!! I showed my friend the rug and said with excitement "It is made in the USA". If this product is indeed made in the USA I think you folks should be shouting that from the rooftops, as more (thankfully) people are realizing the importance of buying USA made products. Just wanted to pass this on - If my limited spending dollars can help keep Americans making products, I am proud to buy those products. By the way the rug looks great in my bathroom.
Pam H.
My wife wanted some accent rugs for the living room. We found yours at Lowes. We both were please with the rugs we bought and were even more pleased to learn what we bought was made in the USA! Thank you! In the future when we replace our home's carpets we will remember MOHAWK. I know you have heard it before that it is becoming harder and harder to find any kind of American made anything so thank you again for your American made ACCENT RUG.
James B.
Thank you for making your products in the U.S. I have been diligent in recent years about trying to (as much as I can) purchase only products made in the U.S. In particular, I will not purchase ANYTHING made in China. I was at a Lowe's recently looking for area rugs and found one of yours that was just right. Keep up the good work, and keep those jobs in our country!
Jeff S.
I just purchased your memory foam kitchen mat from Wal-Mart and was VERY pleased to see that your product is made in the USA. THANK YOU!!
Michelle Masheff
I recently purchased a throw rug from Bed Bath & Beyond. Style: 11424 Glennfield. Color: Kaleidoscope. I was so pleased to see that this product was made in the USA. I hope it stands up to normal usage and that it doesn't fall apart like the "Made in China" products that I have been buying. This rug definitely appears to be of superior quality. Hooray for the USA.
Victoria A.
To Whom It May Concern, Today I went to Lowe's to find a rug to place by my door. I was pleased to find a very reasonably priced, nice looking, and what seemed to be more heavy duty rug than the others I looked at. What made me pleased the most about my rug however, was when I got home I placed it by my door, and took off the tag to find "Made in the U.S.A! I just assumed I had another product made from outside the country. Thank you so much for keeping your product made in the U.S.A. I now want to buy another for my other door and am so happy that I am supporting a fellow American. Bravo! Keep up the good work!
Leah K.  /  Skandia, MI