Vibrant patterns and colors can be used to make a strong style statement in any space, while neutrals evoke a sense of serenity. These tried-and-true tips for selecting you area rug's color and pattern will make decorating a cinch!

Lightly Colored and Subdued Hues
Lighter colored rugs, like creams and beiges, make a room seem more spacious.
Darkly Colored and Rich Hues
Dark rich colors, such as chocolate brown and navy, create a cozy and intimate atmosphere.
Warm Colors
A warm color scheme gives the room energy, making this palette ideal for entryways and dining rooms. Consider the colors of red, rust and gold.
Cool Colors
A cool color scheme creates a mood of relaxation and tranquility, making this palette ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms and even nurseries. Use colors like blue, green, lavender and gray in these spaces.
When using stripes on a floor, horizontal stripes placed in a long narrow room create a feeling of more space.
Bold Patterns
Graphic patterns can create a dynamic focal point within your space.
Shags, tufted styles and rugs with a carved pile are a great way to create depth and visual interest.