February 24, 2017

Hollywood Glamour for Your Home

Awards season is here and the Internet is buzzing about Hollywood’s most glamorous night, the Academy Awards. The beautiful stars, couture gowns and camera-ready lifestyles – the Oscars are a time to see and be seen. While we may never get an invitation to a red carpet after party, we can introduce Hollywood glamour in our home with all the sparkle and glitz of an A-list celebrity.

The look we’re after actually has a name: Regency Moderne or more commonly Hollywood Regency. This design style goes back to the start of the Golden Age of Hollywood in the late 1920s when silent films gave way to the “talkies.” The country was flush with money at that time and folks attended movies regularly, if not weekly. With each new release, everyday people caught a glimpse of Hollywood’s highly stylized, perfected brand of glamour.

Regency style room from designer Kelly Wearstler.
A modern day interpretation of Hollywood Regency style from designer Kelly Wearstler.


Hollywood glamour is characterized by the use of bold color and pattern, extravagantly oversized and unbalanced but not in a theatrical way. This style exudes sophistication with a touch of swagger, refined elegance with a pinch of je ne sais quoi. Scale is used to create the illusion of grand stature, so you’ll find high-backed chairs, floor-to-ceiling mirrors, accent pedestals and ornate room screens as common elements. Chrome, lacquer and mirrored finishes on metal and glass are used in contrast with soft, sumptuous fabrics such as silk and brocade. Lush tassels are de rigueur on pillows, curtains and anything billowy that might disrupt the scripted order of a glamorous lifestyle.

MacKenzie Childs decorative tassels
The Hollywood glamorous lifestyle is not complete without lush, decorative tassels . . . .


Mackenzie Childs tassel table
. . . or something more substantial like this tassel accent table.


In terms of color palette, choose soft pastels, especially rose pink shades that flatter skin tones, or bold and bright colors like yellow and turquoise. High-key black and white in checkerboard pattern or wide stripes, à la tuxedo, recreates the dramatic lighting so memorable in classic films like 1942’s Casablanca.

Black flocked wallpaper in tuxedo stripes
Black flocked wallpaper in tuxedo stripes lends a masculine air.


Hollywood Regency style wallpaper
This wallpaper echoes Hollywood Regency style with its bold, asymmetrical pattern and black and gold elements.


Furniture should make a refined statement while encouraging guests to sit back and drape themselves elegantly in comfort. A red divan would not be out of the question, especially accented with a faux fur throw and velvet pillows.

red settee
A red settee is definitely Hollywood glamour for your home.


faux fur throw
Faux fur throws epitomize luxury.


decorative throw pillows
Decorative throw pillows add comfort to the glamorous lifestyle.


For accessories, you’ll be surprised to learn animal prints were all the rage in Hollywood décor during the Golden Age as were elaborate floral patterns. Carpeting, area rugs, table runners and throw pillows are an easy way to include this design element.

zebra stripe area rug
This area rugs offers a contemporary take on zebra stripes.


Mirrors also added to the glitz of Hollywood home décor, either covering the table surfaces or on the walls. Radiant sunburst mirrors were particularly in vogue, perhaps because of their association France and King Louis XIV, the self-appointed “Sun King.” Wall hangings definitely should slant to the abstract style but be framed ornately.

sunburst mirrors
Sunburst mirrors were much in vogue during the Golden Age of Hollywood.


Gustav Klimt painting
Abstract style art, such as painter Gustav Klimt, complements Hollywood Regency decor.


Here are key motifs to consider when choosing décor for a Hollywood Regency style:

  • Lacquer, chrome and mirror accents
  • Velvet, silk and chintz fabrics
  • Bold & vivid colors
  • Black & white patterns
  • Tufted seating
  • Animal or large floral prints
  • High-gloss, reflective surfaces
  • Sculpture and abstract art

When setting the stage for a Hollywood glamorous room, the goal is to convey luxury and opulence. Every detail not only must work well together but also enhance the look of people on the set. So pop on your oversized sunglasses and start styling!

What element of Hollywood Regency do you like most? What else works with this style? Let us know in the comments!


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