January 24, 2019

Cozy Hygge Design Tips

Shira Zwebner
cozy hygge design tips on Mohawk Homescapes

Hygge is a Danish lifestyle trend with tremendous influence over home design and décor that is here to stay! First introduced to us all in 2016, this Danish way of living was adopted globally and continues to trend seasonally.  But it’s so much more than just lighting a candle, pulling on heavy woolen socks, and hibernating underneath cable knit blankets with a mug of your favorite hot cocoa. It’s an inviting way of living that encourages people to slow down from the rush of life and become present in the moment.

There are so many aspects to Hygge; it’s practically a movement. Books about the topic with tips on how to live a Hygge lifestyle are filling bookshelves and have become some of the most popular Kindle downloads.  The design and décor aspect of Hygge is probably the easiest aspect to implement: to create the home or room that supports this new lifestyle.

Mohawk Homescapes is here to help you get started with incorporating Hygge into your décor. Take a look at our Top 7 cozy Hygge design tips for creating a warm and introspective place in your home.  

  1. Lighting
cozy hygge design tips on Mohawk Homescapes

Soft, inviting lighting is a key element in Hygge home décor. String fairy lights or use candles to set a relaxed, peaceful mood. We love these gold & glass Gem Terrarium’s from Oliver Bonas. The gorgeous geometric design, mirrored base, and hooks for hanging makes these functional and ornamental pieces.

2. Minimal furnishings (i.e. declutter!)

Kenza Under the Canopy area rug
Kenza Under the Canopy Area Rug

Marie Kondo is everywhere! Scandinavian home décor is notoriously clutter free, and we definitely recommend that your find your Zen in a room with minimal furnishings and distracting clutter.

3. Soft Cushions

Indulge your sense of touch with soft textures and textiles. These cashmere cable knit cushion covers by Restoration Hardware are soft and cozy, available in a variety of neutral shades, and the perfect accessories for your Hygge couch or bed.

4. Warm, large blankets

You can’t have a Hygge space without a large, cozy and plush blanket. But it can’t just be any blanket! Danish tradition favors crochet or knitted, chunky throw blankets that are warm, soft and inviting. As long as you’re using it to curl up under for comfort, that’s really all you need.

5. Area Rugs

Permanently cover your floor in a huge Hygge hug with area rugs that are both plush, inviting, and neutral in color. Mohawk Home has an impressive range of Hygge appropriate area rugs including the Loft Interlocking Blocks, Nomad Vado in Cream, and the Prismatic Kenza Rug by Under the Canopy. For converting an outdoor space into your Hygge hideaway, we love the Oasis Montauk in Silver.

  • Neutral color scheme

When it comes to your color scheme, skip over Pantone’s Color of the Year and stick to a neutral palette. Complement light hardwood flooring and neutral furnishings with winter whites, creams, light grey, beige and pale pink accents.  

  • Roaring Fire
cozy Hygge design tips on Mohawk Homescapes
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Finally, your Hygge home isn’t complete without a fire. Referred to in Danish as Hyggelight, this proper cozy fire should always use real wood; have a woodpile stacked neatly on the side, and plenty of space for people to cuddle up in front of a beautiful brick fireplace.

For more great Hygge inspiration, visit Mohawk Home’s s Hygge Home Décor Pinterest board! 

Have you already incorporated Hygge décor and design into your home? Share with us your tips and picks in the comments!

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