As a leader in sustainability, Mohawk believes in developing eco-friendly products and innovative processes for a better tomorrow.

Every year, Mohawk recycles up to 5 billion plastic bottles to make EverStrand, the highest quality PET yarn on the market. Through our innovative patented processes, EverStrand yarn is transformed into beautiful, eco-friendly area rugs for your home. EverStrand rugs are luxuriously soft, stylish and durable. Designed to hold up under crush and wear, these plush, sustainable rugs offer vivid color clarity and advanced soil and stain protection.
In addition to its superior durability, SmartStrand is crafted from renewable corn resources. The production of the fiber requires less energy and emits less greenhouse gas than any other manufactured rug fiber on the market. This no fuss, eco-friendly fiber makes a smart and stylish statement in any space!
Karastan wool woven rugs are luxurious, durable, and most importantly, sustainable. The wool originates on the farms of New Zealand, where sheep are shorn every 9 to 12 months to provide a source of highly renewable material. When our wool rugs eventually wear out, the wool is completely biodegradable and returns to the earth as an essential plant nutrient.
Dual Surface Rug Pad
The Dual Surface area rug pad by Mohawk is made from up to 100% post-consumer recycled content. Our best-selling pad can be used on hard or soft surface flooring to add extra cushioning beneath your rug, protect your flooring and to prevent slipping, bunching or wrinkling of your rug.
Recycled Rubber Doormats
As the largest supplier of area rugs and mats in the United States, Mohawk's recycled rubber doormats not only help families bring warmth and comfort into their homes—they keep used tires out of the waste stream. Since 2009, Mohawk has recycled more than 25 million pounds of rubber tires, one of the largest and most hazardous types of post-consumer waste, transforming them into designer doormats. Put another way, that represents enough tires to outfit 296,000 cars.
Mohawk Sustainability Report
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