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A truck theme is a fun and easy way to add color and decoration to your child's room.

Baskets and buckets are a convenient way to store and separate toys.

One painted wall will create a splash of color while still making a bold statment.

Mohawk Home Fast Lane

Mohawk Home Slumber Neutral

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Let your kids do the decor! Here are some ways we like to display our children's masterpieces.

Border your room with low shelves to create a window seat for reading.

Giving each toy its own spot is a great way to teach organization. Read our blog for a few more tips about staying organized.

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Mohawk Home Twinkle Brown.

Mohawk Home Mirage Kaleidoscope

Chalk board paint is a fun way to transform an old table into an artists desk. Click here to DIY.

Adding pops of color is a great way to make your white shine. Click here to learn more about using white in your home.

Bunk beds are a great way to save space for your kids sharing a room.

Use a bright bedspread in a room with many neutrals to add some funk.

Using a trunk as a window seat is a secret way to hide your kids toys.

Mohawk Home Fast Lane

Mohawk Home Fast Lane Red

Keep your child's art supplies all in one place with an artist's easel! They are also great for displaying.

Use clothespins and yarn to hang works of art, pictures, grades and more!

Darker colored curtains are a good color balance in a playroom full of bright toys and crafts.

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Mohawk Home Fluffy Blue via Target and Walmart

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Open shelves keep everything visible while still being clean and organized.

We love the idea of painting a mural in the nursery! Read here for more tips on designing the perfect nursery for your little girl.

Patterned wallpapers are often good alternatives to painted walls and adds a little personality!

Mohawk Home Obert Rug

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Mohawk Home Fluffy Pink via Target and Walmart.