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A renovated house updated for a more contemporary look can appear dated if elements of dark brick are not addressed. In this case, a simple coat of paint creates a stunning accent wall.

Accent pillows bring together a room’s color pallet and design scheme while providing depth and visual interest.

Mohawk Home Anton Natural

Use rattan furniture to create a breezy, relaxed look in any room of your home.

A mirrored table is a splendid addition to any design. The table reflects what is placed on its surface so choose accessories wisely to gain the most visual impact.

Unique lighting fixtures are a great way to tie an eclectic design together or provide drama to a lackluster space.

Whether decorating with floral arrangements, wall art, lamps or candle sticks layer the elements to create depth and dimension.

Mohawk Home Caravan Medallion

Give your room a unique identity and define your open concept space with stylish area rugs. Click here to learn how a rug can create a space.

Ideas for design are everywhere. This henna tattoo evokes a global sensibility that provides inspiration for creating a medallion themed design.

Darker shades of red and rust evoke a sense of richness that can be both dramatic and inviting.

Pair sheer and opaque window treatments for a look that lets light in during the day and provides privacy at night.

A single colored accent pillow within a bed set dominated by white creates a unique focal point.

Plush accent pieces such as padded stools are a great way to add pops of color with the added benefit of functional seating.

Mohawk Home Mandarin Star

Don’t recycle, upcycle! Give items new life with paint, upholstery and some good old fashioned elbow grease.

Rust and neutral earth tones create an environment that is casual and inviting.

Mohawk Home Sienna Dark Brown

Mohawk Home Corsia Brown

Blue and brown are easy colors for a “go-to” color pallet. Update this classic color pairing with trendy shades or pair with bold green or bright orange for a truly modern look.

Create a room that easily transitions from trend to trend by layering neutrals; then choose a pop of color by adding stylish patterns to accent.

Combine woods, textured upholstery and leather to create a warm welcoming space. Add depth with a trendy rug.

Create a global oasis. An outdoor sanctuary is a wonderful place to display your love for the timeless medallion design scheme.

Mohawk Home Tolbert Cappuccino

Medallions are easily paired with wicker and rattan furniture pieces as both evoke a rustic global feel.

Dynamic wall art can be just the thing to create a stunning focal point within a room. Repeat the medallion theme with an area rug to complete the look.

Rust tones are inviting and casual. Mix a variety of texture and finish to create depth.

Accessories that vary in height, but have a central theme, are an excellent way to add to a design theme.

Mohawk Home Haight Coco

Mohawk Home Stamped Medallions

Pair rich wood tones with deep grays for a masculine color pallet with a touch of warmth.

Brown is often overlooked and underused as a simple, neutral color. However, use it dynamically to create a large wall art frame creating a stunning visual display.

Create a serenely sophisticated space by first layering neutrals. Add a rich accent tone, accessories and dynamic wall treatments to create a cohesive one-of-a-kind design.

Spice up your space! Be inspired by the colors of cooking! Use colors that are found together in everyday activities to create a truly unique pairing.

Mohawk Home Annas Time

Use colored accent pillows to pop against a crisp white sofa and add focus to other colorful elements within your design.

An area rug is a simple way to add interest and drama to even the simplest of designs.

Mohawk Home Circular Memories

Subtle colored accents add dimension to your design without disturbing the serene color balance.

Mohawk Home Valenica Granite

Pattern fabric added texture within a design. Choose fabrics that go with your overall design theme and color.

Mohawk Home Medallions Blue

Mohawk Home Spring Melody Doormat

Mohawk Home Retro Medallion

Mix masculine and feminine pieces to create balance within a design.

Add sparkle and glamour to your home with metal accents.

The combination of several unique elements can add drama to a room. The unique lamps, horse figurine and cabinet details combine to add a personality to the room’s style.

Mohawk Home Suzani Panel

Mohawk HomePotter Medallion

Use color and hue to drive the accents and accessories you choose for your design.

With a color scheme, use different textures, sizes and finishes to create a finished design that is thoughtful and cohesive.

Look for inspiration in unexpected places. Your favorite piece of jewelry or an old photograph can be the inspiration within your design to fuel the creative process.