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Turn your bed into a day bed to create additional seating for friends.

Bring unique nostalgic items from home to help with the transition. Items you cherish help create a space that expresses your personality.

Spring shades of juicy sorbet are a great way to add playful color into a room. Read more about the way to achieve this cheerful color pallete on our blog.

Decorative storage bins are a great way to fashionably conceal clutter.

Mohawk Home Ida's Garden

Rearrange the furniture to create the best layout. Put two desks back to back or move a dresser into a closet.

Don’t let small shared quarters cramp your style.

Brightly patterned curtains and removable wall decals are a great way to add depth and color, when painting is not an option.

Go bold with color to liven up your dorm space, however don’t forget to coordinate with your roommate, to avoid color clashing.

Accent pillows are a simple way to add bright color to your room.

Mohawk Home Ida's Garden via Wayfair and Target.

Small metal accent tables are great for apartment spaces, they are easy to move and rearrange as needed.

Mohawk Home Peace Signs via Walmart, Ruglots and Hayneedle

Brighten builtins with colored drawersor a pattern. Read our blog for a simply DIY project to tranform your builtin or book case.

Combine patterns and textures to create depth within your space.

No holes? No problem, eliminate the need for nail holes by display posters with removable tape strips or use custom design removable wall decals.

Heading back to campus, check out this blog post to be dorm ready in 5 easy steps.

Items that have hidden storage are good investments. A vintage trunk is a great way to add character to a design with the added benefit of function.

Get creative with your headboard. Create a custom head board for a truly unique bed frame.

Mohawk Home Striped Dots

Window ledges can serve as a great shelf for small accent items.

If you can’t paint the wall paint your furniture. A little bold paint and you have a bright focal point for the room.

Mohawk Home Delerus

Find a fun chair! Always studying at a desk? Branch out with a fun and comfy chair to break the pattern.

Vivid bright colors are everywhere this year. Choose accessories with fun colors and patterns to express your unique style.

Add shelving above desks to create a place for textbooks and mementos.

Create a trendy headboard with removable decals.

Add lighting! Eliminate the use for harsh overhead fluorescent lighting with small desk and task lamps.

Teal is all the rage this seaon. Read our blog for more ways to decorate with teal.

Mohawk Home Painted Window via Wayfair and Heyneedle.

Mohawk Home Transform via Wayfair and Heyneedle.

Enhance your bed by creating layers. Additional bedding helps to separate sleeping and lounging activities.

Poufs- This hot new accessory is great for dorm rooms to use as seating, ottoman or coffee table.

Create designated spaces with the room, such as a small reading nook.

Add warmth and comfort to dorm room floors with area rugs.

Mohawk Home Lascala Chevron Blue via Wayfair, Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond.

When space is limited make use of under bed storage bins or built in drawers.

Gallery Display- use floating shelves to display a collection of objects and mementos. Stagger the shelves for a visually dynamic look.

Shine on! Use a combination of mirrors and accent lamps to create a room that is light and bright.

Mohawk Home Owl Wonderful

Use a collection of objects such as plates or clocks to create unique art for your wall.

Mohawk Home Kodiak Red Rugs-Direct, Lowes and Walmart.

Mohawk Home Stylin Ogee Retro Wayfair, Bellacor and Hayneedle.

If you are unable to paint your walls, choose brightly colored furniture to transform a drab space.

Another way to maximize space it to go vertical. Utilize tall bookcase sor stacking storage cubes to create organization and eliminate clutter.

Add personality and texture with three dimensional art work.

Combine bright florals and classic patterns in bright colors to create a space with texture and depth.

Add elements of nature. Plants and flowers add warmth and additional dimension to a room’s decor.

Start with the rug and build an inviting and cheerful space by choosing furniture and accents that compliment the trendy rug design.

Mohawk Home Bright Floral Toss

A classic combination of red, black and white creates an ultra modern space.

Let the light in. Instead of traditional window coverings, frame your window with reclaimed wood and let the natural light in.

Add impact with art. Choose a bold and colorful piece of art work to add a focal point, or tie a room‘s decor together.

The availability of options within a color scheme allow you to mix and match pieces for endless layout possibilities.

When considering furniture for small spaces think: multinational, compact and mobile.

Embrace open storage. The open metal shelves can provide much needed storage, as well as add to a modern design.

Shelves are a great way to maximize storage space.

Mohawk Home Solid Shag Crimson viaRugs-Direct, Lowes and Ruglots.

Mohawk Home Smartstrand Shag Ocean Blue viaHome Depot, Walmart and Hayneedle.

Mohawk Home Lascala Chevron Rust viaHome Depot, Rugs-Direct and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Mohawk Home Owl Who viaHayneedle and Boscovs.

Combine your passions to create aspace that reflects your personality.

Create personal space, separate your sleeping area from the rest of the room.

Combine rich earth tones and wood tones to create a balnced earthy design.

Simple framed chairs are great for small rooms. They are easy to move as needed and also store neatly away when more space in needed.

Dress your couch with trendy pillows in an array of designs and colors.

Sectional sofas are great, as they can be arranged if needed.

Add an accent chair to provide additional seating for guest and create balance.

Choose accent pillows with color to highlight the other elements of your decor.

Create a dynamic wooden focal piece for your wall, to add warmth and style.

Change the look of accent pieces with a coat of paint to achive new fashion forawrd look. Read more about fun an easy ways to upcycle items here.

Mohawk Home New Suzani Panel via Home depot, Bed Bath and Beyond and Wayfair.

Mohawk Home Caravan Medallion via Home depot, Bed Bath and Beyond and Walmart.

Mohawk Home Caravan Medallion via Wayfair, Rugs-direct and Walmart.

Mohawk Home Kaleidoscope Texture Multi via HomeDepot and Walmart.

Mohawk Home Meadowland Teak via Lowes, Walmart and Shopko.

Mohawk Home Kaleidoscope Texture Multi via Home Deopot, Bed Bath and Beyond and Walmart.

Add runner rugs to high traffic areas to avoid slipping.

Choose a color pallete. Choose colors that you love and find eclectic accents, to create a style all your own.

Charm and function combine. Don’t fight vintage architecture, instead create pieces that work with the space, like this computer desk.

Mohawk Home Give and Take