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Use different frames for your photos to create a wall display that is one of a kind.

Unique furniture pieces are another way to give a room personality and character.

Bright colors are all the rage. Click here to learn how to mix colors like a pro and achieve a look that compliments your personality and style.

A splash of color livens up any space. Use accent pillows to add color and depth to your design.

Mohawk Home Mixed Chevrons

Mohawk Home Felicity Ziggidy Pink

Vivid color brings excitement to the room.

Straight from the runway, bright color and pattern are back!

Mohawk Home Elegant Ikat Hot Pink

Create an illusion of space with bright colors.

Go Graphic! Get creative with your walls. Not ready to commit to bold colors? Renew your space with beautiful art. Click here to learn more.

Take a note from fashion when pairing bright patterns. Use a central color group and then mix and match patterns to create a look that is fresh, fun and funky.

Color is back in a big way. Check out this blog post to learn more about this love of color.

Add an unexpected elements to complete the design. Here a natural wood side table is a great addition to update the style of this room.

Mohawk Home Mosaic Stones

Go for broke! Not unlike this vivid architecture, there is beauty in clashing bright colors.

A youthful pillow grouping adds both color and a sense of fun. Look for ways to add whimsical touches to your colorful design scheme.

Bright and funky upholstery on prominent furniture pieces can make a large impact.

Mohawk Home Neon Flowers

Mohawk Home Peace Signs

Throw out the rules! There are no rules when designing with bright colors, but be careful not to overwhelm your space. Make sure your colors have the same saturation point.

Pick your paint colors last! It is much easier to match paint to the items you choose than it is to find items to match your chosen shade.

Choose brightly colored furniture pieces that accent both the color and mood of your space.

They don’t match, they “go”. With a repeat of circles, these bed sets are easily paired with the circle patterned area rug.

Mohawk Home Spots

Choose, use and repeat. Every rooms has a theme. Choose elements of colors, style and design that you can repeat in your paint, fabric and accessory choices.

Mohawk Home Felicity Ziggidy Teal

Experiment in small ways. Pillows and accent chairs are a great way to start.

Mohawk Home Becker Turquoise

Inspire optimism. Yellow evokes happiness, but too much can be overwhelming in large doses.

In an eclectic room with artistic touches choose accessories of different heights to allow the eye to move around the display rather than just glossing over it.

Mohawk Home Boho Stripe

With bright colors always test the paint samples. What seems like the perfect pop of color could be too much or not enough within the rooms lighting. In many cases it’s best to start with an accent wall. Give the color time to grow on you before you choose to repaint.

Pair bright green with coral and raspberry accents to make the green more striking.

Wallpaper, paint and stencils, oh my! Pick up clever tricks from our blog on how to add bright colors to your walls.

Orange is cheerful, bold, exciting, friendly and informal!

Mohawk Home Medaglia

Pillows can bring together a room’s color palette and design scheme, providing both balance and visual interest. Choose pillows that fit the personality of the room.

Too much bright color can be abrasive. Soft neutral colors create a stellar background that allows bright colors and objects to stand out while creating a visual break for the eye.