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Art Deco

Create a unified space. Choose colors for adjoining spaces that go with each other. Here the blue chairs highlight the blue from the area rug.

Create a modern look by pairing a sleek table with vintage chairs.

In an open concept layout, use area rugs to define living spaces.

Multiple uses! In small spaces choose accent pieces that have a variety of functions. the side board functions as storage, but could transition to a buffet bar when needed.

Mohawk Home Ink Swirl Cocoa

Let your inspiration be your guide. When looking to create a vintage feel, look to vintage accessories to inspire your design.

Wallpaper is a great way to get both color and pattern to accent your design theme.

Textured pillows add a modern touch within a vintage design scheme to both update and unify.

Mohawk Home SmartStrand Ocean Blue

Rethink beige by pairing with varying hues and darker shades. Beige is anything but boring!

Mohawk Home Ornamental Ogee

The revival of art deco aesthetic brings with it the emergence of new neutrals. Learn more here

Mohawk Home Swing Dance

The art deco style is characterized by the combination of traditional motifs and technology. Historically presented in rich colors and bold geometric shapes, the revival sees a shift away from the bold color to the classical neutral and subtle tones.

To create this art deco inspired vanity design, arrange circular mirrors in an asymmetrical pattern to create a modern bathroom mirror that is both functional and elegant.

Bold lamps encourage opportunity for drama and visual interest.

In every living room ample seating is a must. Break the mold by choosing different style accent chairs to complete your design while adding function and personality.

Mohawk Home Camden Grid

Use the view! Choose accessories wisely in rooms with beautiful open windows to allow the view to be the focal point.

Resist matching wall colors to a fabric or rug. Opt for a few shades lighter or darker to avoid a design that falls flat.

Test your paint swatches against fabric and furnishings to get a sense of what colors work best.

Mohawk Home Jinks Bison

Mirrored accents give the illusion of more space.

A custom headboard provides an excellent way to achieve your design vision. Add shelving and you have created function with style.

The key to making an assortment of accessories work together is color. Here the soft neutral colors allow a variety of objects to play harmoniously on this table top.

Add texture to your space with an interesting lamp. Achieve a similar effect by adding a unique lamp shade to an existing lamp.

Mohawk HomeMagician Multi

Using an asymmetrical grouping of pillows is a common design rule to create a modern look. To create depth, vary the size, shape, pattern and texture.

Small accent tables are great for living spaces. They’re easily moved as needed to accommodate different occasions and situations.

An eclectic kitchen design is a great way to show off your one-of-a-kind pieces. Just remember to design according to how you will use the space.

Chevron Stripes are everywhere from runway to retail. Click here to read more on our blog.

Add chevron to your walls. This trendy pattern creates a dramatic focal point when used on walls and stair risers.

Let the drama, dimension and geometric pattern inspire your design.

Black and white is classic! Try an exciting update with trendy texture and pattern.

A grand great room begs for elegant, bold design. Combine timeless neutrals with trendy pattern for both drama and depth in your decor.

If bold color is not your thing, go bold with pattern. Over scale pattern in black and white or neutral also create a stunning punch within a design.

Mohawk Home Abacus Smoke Blue

Pair a patterned sofa with accents that contain similar elements and colors. Here the accent rug compliments with circles and hues of blue.

Float furniture away from the walls to create a cozy living space.

Mohawk Home Montgomery Geometric

The lines of tradition! There is something to be said for bold, geometric and crisp lines. These “always classic” design ideas pair beautifully with today’s decor trends.

Bold architectural lines require the pairing of soft elements to contrast harsh lines.

Use floral and other organic elements to juxtapose beautiful wainscoting and crisp architectural details.